tisdag 31 mars 2009

“Dean” of Energy Analysts Charles Maxwell’s Disturbing Visions of an Oil-Scarce Future

Charles Maxwell är en olje analytiker som vi följt sedan länge på denna blogg. Här nu en intervju daterad februari i år:

‘Dean of Oil Analysts’ Maxwell (Part 1 of 4):
Oil Shortages Start in 2010; Peak Oil Hits 2012-2015

‘Dean of Oil Analysts’ Maxwell (Part 2 of 4):
U.S. Pump Prices to Hit $12 to $15 a Gallon

‘Dean of Oil Analysts’ Maxwell (Part 3 of 4):
‘Deep Oil’ Drillers Like Pride Should Do Well

‘Dean of Oil Analysts’ Maxwell (Part 4 of 4):
Oil Crisis Will Lead to 10-Year Financial & Political Crisis

"But noted consulting firm McKinsey & Co., Saudi oil minister Ali Al-Naimi, and “dean” of oil analysts Charles Maxwell of Weeden & Co. all say that an oil price shock that hits between 2010 and 2013 now appears all-but-inevitable."

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