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"A Gold Backed World is a Terrible Mistake"

Bill Still - Part 1 of 2

Bill Still - Part 2 of 2

The Wolrd's Call to Release Nikola Tesla's Research

On January 7th 2012, the Anniversary of the death of one of history's most brilliant scientists, Nikola Tesla, we will stand together and demand his research into harnessing electricity from the ionosphere, at a facility called Wardenclyffe, be released to the public.

The Energy Crisis is a lie, the problem was solved 100 years ago by a scientist named Nikola Tesla.He had discovered a way to harness the naturally occurring electricity from the ionosphere, and then in turn rebroadcast it to individual relay stations that could be placed anywhere and were no larger then your average car antenna.Each primary tower could produce renewable, safe, clean electricity, and would then broadcast it wirelessly to points as far (as his experiments in Colorado springs showed) as 30 miles away from the primary tower.

Nikola Tesla's primary investor, J.P. Morgan, thought he was investing in the world's first radio tower, but unknown to him, that was only one of its purposes and capabilities.The project was known as Wardenclyffe.

When JP. Morgan learned of the true capabilities of Wardenclyffe, the ability to harness an almost infinite amount of power and freely broadcast it wirelessly to anyone who had the proper antenna (with no way to monitor energy consumption) he immediately canceled all of Tesla's funding.

The pursuit of profit swept one of the worlds most revolutionary inventions ever conceived under the carpet, and away from the eyes of history.Upon Nikola Tesla's death on January 7th, 1943, the U.S. Government immediately moved into his lab and apartment and confiscated all of his scientific research - including his work on Wardenclyffe and research on the ionosphere.To this day, none of this research has been made public.This is a clear example of how corporate greed has bought our government, instead of providing this information for the benefit of ALL mankind.

They have deliberately hidden it from public view in order to prop up corporations such as the oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear power industries.It is time we stop looking towards these horrible alternatives to Gasoline, all of them are poisoning the planet, and draining the economies of the world.It is time we stand together and demand that Nikola Tesla's Research be released so that we can finally become a sustainable society.

On January 7th, 2012, the 69th anniversary of the loss of the Brilliant scientist Nikola Tesla, we will DEMAND that we stop being lied to.We must work in the present, with an eye on our past, to build a future we can be proud to give our children.


Endorsing Ron Paul for President

Please endorse Ron Paul (http://www.endorseliberty.com/ronpaul) and donate to Endorse Liberty (http://www.endorseliberty.com/donate.php) so we can buy advertising and make more videos like this. Endorse Liberty is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Still Report #36 - Meet the New Boss

Still2012.com. If you think Republican Mitt Romney will lead us out of the economic wasteland, you would do well to look at who his largest campaign contributors are -- banks. Hence, we play off the theme of the old "Who" song, "We Won't Be Fooled Again" which ends with the line, "Meet the new boss; same as the old boss."

SR 37 Fort Knox-YouTube.mov

The Fort Knox Gold Scandal will be aired on the History Channel's H2 channel Saturday, Feb. 4 at 22:00 EST or 21:00 at 21:00 CST.

World Revolution???

Though most probably don't know it, the hard-core radicals are at the core of the Occupy Movement. Also Greece and Italian governments were toppled in bloodless coups last week by the European Union. www.still2012.com

Goldman Sachs cooked Greece books

Greece is being pressured to give all control of the Greek budget to the European Union, which it says threatens its national sovereignty.

Time Out: Bill Still - 8 July 2011

Part One
Time Out Productions presents an interview with Bill Still, the producer of the films The Money Masters and The Secret of Oz and the author of the book No More National Debt.

Part Two
Time Out Productions presents the second of a two part interview with author and documentary film maker Bill Still. Mr. Still is best known for his excellent documentary films "The Money Masters" and The Secret of Oz. The Money Masters takes a deep, in depth look at the history of money and the US Federal Reserve. His latest documentary is "The Secret of Oz" and covers the hidden messages about the nature of money and the banking system in The L. Frank Baum book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz..Covered in this interview is mainly the reason why he made The Secret of Oz and what in fact Mr. Baum was trying to tell us in the story.

Bill Still: Pay the debt in quarters?

Author and Documentary Filmmaker Bill Still gives his solution as to how Uncle Sam can repay his debt.

These Days: Bill Still - 8 July 2011
This is an interview with Bill Still, the producer of the films The Money Masters and The Secret of Oz and the author of the book No More National Debt.

American Monetary Institute,

Dear Friends of the American Monetary Institute,Two important announcements:

First:The 29,000 member Chicago Teachers Union passed a resolution in strong support of Dennis Kucinich's HR 2990 NEED Act! (National Employment Emergency Defense Act) Please see the attachment for their thoughtful resolution, or view it at our website by clicking here.

Kucinich's HR 2990 dismantles the Federal Reserve System, ends "fractional reserve" banking, and provides for
funding the $2.2 trillion, the engineers tell us is needed over the next 5 years to repair our infrastructure; which solves the unemployment problem. Read the 14 page Act at http://www.monetary.org/ .. HR 2990 contains all the monetary reforms of our American Monetary Act, and HR 2990 creates 7 million jobs, for starters!Congressman Kucinich presently represents Ohio's 10th district, but with redistricting is now running to represent the 9th district. Please see http://kucinich.house.gov/Congressman John Conyers of Detroit co
sponsors HR 2990.

Second:The Eighth Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference will be held at University Center in Chicago, September 20-23, 2012. If your registration is made by February 18th, the donation is $225, instead of $395. A savings of $170!University Center's state of the art facility holds 80 people in a comfortable "schoolroom" type sitting, with narrow tables. We want our participants to enjoy a relaxed experience, so attendance will be limited to 80 participants. We'll again do our best to better prior conferences! If you have attended any one of our prior seven conferences, you know that's a real challenge! Here is the 2012 conference announcement sheet where you can sign
uphttp://www.monetary.org/2012-conferenceand here are last year's speaker and talk descriptions:http://www.old.monetary.org/2011schedule.html

We are assembling an outstanding group of speakers for the 2012 eighth annual conference.Monetary reform is more
and more on people's and organization's agenda's, as it should be. We are making a difference and I'm looking forward to seeing you in September. There is a lot YOU can do to help make reform happen!

Please forward this to all your contacts!

Thank you all for your attention - stay in touch - Stephen ZarlengaDirector,American Monetary Institute --
"Over time, whoever controls the money system controls the nation."

Stephen Zarlenga
American Monetary Institute
To receive notices for free AMI materials, sign up for our email list at http://www.monetary.org/
(224) 805-2200

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‘zombie’ debtors

As nearly half the population (45%) struggle to make it to ‘payday’, a payday loan will become a reality for many.

New research by insolvency trade body R3 reveals that 3.5 million adults are considering taking out a payday loan over the next six months.

R3’s research also shows that of those sampled who had taken a payday loan, 60% regret the decision and 48% believe the loan has made their financial situation worse.

Only 13% believe their payday loan had a positive impact on their finances. Frances Coulson, R3 President commented: “Payday loans are not the best way to resolve debt struggles. We know that many who take them out find them to be a negative experience, often escalating financial troubles.”

A new group of ‘zombie’ debtors - who currently pay only the interest charges on their debt and not the debt itself - has also been identified by R3’s research.

One in six individuals are only able to pay the interest on their debt rather than paying off the debt itself. This breaks down into 11% who are only servicing debt on their credit cards, and 9% who are only paying the interest charges on their overdraft.

Investigators trace Politkovskaya killing to Berezovsky

When you actually get something from someone else so cheap its actually and in fact more like stealing, well then you do not want anyone really to know about it. So when a jourmalist starts to investigate then you better try to silece her off real quick either by threaths, getting her fired or as a last resort by getting her killed. If you do the last well then you better have make sure you put the blame on someone else for good.

As allways best time for oligarchs is when there is a real big crisis. So big of a chrisis so that in order to pay off debt the state as to sell of property, public utilities, resources real and dead cheap. So that in fcat how the russian oligarchs got all their tremendeous wealth as the former soviet union collapsed and most of what then reaslly was worth anything was transfered to private hands.

Like Ceasar Putin however has started a process to reclaim som at least of that wealth back to the state and sure enough oligarchs doesen't like that at all. In fact they fight back with all their might..What then better way to do it that to attach someone who in fact was investigating your worst opponent?

Anti-Putin oligarch killed anti-Putin journalist?

Pavlyuchenkov also said that the person who ordered the hit on Politkovskaya had insisted that it be carried out before Vladimir Putin’s birthday on October 7, and best of all on the day itself.According to Russian law enforcers, Lom-Ali Gaitukayev received an order to kill journalist and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya in July 2006 and created a criminal group for this purpose. It included former chief of the fourth division of the Moscow City Police Operational Search Department, Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov, former officer of Moscow Police Directorate for Fighting Organized Crime Khadjikurbanov and two more people. Kommersant reports that in the near future, investigators plan to question other suspects in the case who have also been detained.


The media in the west are all trying to put the blaim on President Putin:

Truth is being murdered in Putin's bloody Russia

But really is the the one we need to blaim?

Russian-Israeli Oligarchs Co-Opting Bush/Blair Behind Anti-Putin Ops

In fact almost all of the journalists killed last couple of years in Russia, one way or the other where investigating issues and cases realated to how this transfer of publicly owned property came in to the hands of private people, thus creating tremendeouse and immence large and fast wealth gains. Thus itäs evident it is not Putin who stands to gain frome all these killing.

Part of the ripp of is the effort to try to silence all journalists (Oligarch all are in favour not of free spech but rather lack of free speach) thus getting some peace and quiet and all light off your own dirty laundry and at the same time making your worst opponent take all the hits.

Michael Cherney ( Mikhail Chernoy ) And Russian Oligarchs

Gerald Celente - Talk Radio Europe - 24 January 2012


Iran predicts global oil prices to soar by 50 per cent

Iranian officials predicted that global oil prices would soar by 50 per cent in the wake of EU sanctions as the country's oil minister declared exports to "some countries" would be cut off.

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Economic collapse in the Western nations-On the Edge with Max Keiser-01-27-2012

In this edition of the show Max interviews the author Michael Hudson from Michael-Hudson.comIn this episode Max talks to Michael about the economic collapse in the Western nations and how this collapse gap thesis applies to the European economies currently experiencing a huge crisis.

Hägglund vann striden

Origark kramaren och privatiserings ivraren Göran Hägglund vann striden i KD mot utmanaren Mats Odell. Odell som måste anses som en ytterst kompetent både politiker och sakkunning har ju som bekant uttryckt sig mycket kritiskt, inte minst mot de svenska bankernas hänsynslösa framfart i baltikum.

Antagligen fick han nu betala priset av att han så tydligt då tog ställning i frågan när han med övertygelse och passion sade bla " det är inte de tandlösa äldre tanterna på landsbygden som är de som skall betala priset för de svenska bankernas vettlösa utlåning". Sådant gillas inte i vissa kretsar.

Så gör man inte politisk karriär. Istället och se på hur en politisk överlevare som Bildt ständigt erbjuds nya intressanta poster med internationell tyngd den ena efter den andra. Som avdankad och i realiteten helt msslyckad ledare för Moderaterna borde han eg vara ute ur bilden för länge sedan. Nästa löjligt blir det hur media nu inte bara "promotar" denne man utan även hans nya Italienska hustru. Allt medans Bilt kliver in i klaveret gång efter annan. Nu senast inte minst gällande Lundins Sudan affärer och det svenska journalisternas öde i Etiopien. Bildt som till sis som politisk ledare för Moderaterna blev helt omöjlig och sedan ersattes med Reinfeldt försökte innan sitt frånfälle med mycket bryska metoder tysta all interna kritik inom partiet. Så till den milda grad att när Reinfelt när Bildt var partiledare öppet i ett brev kritiserat partiledningen slängdes ut ur partien som en "persona non grata". Så verkar en sann demokrat..? Bildt satt i Skavlann i svensk television för någon månadsedan dessutom och argumenterade passionerat om vikten av sanktioner mot Iran. Man undrar varför han istället inte väljer att driva fråga om sanktioner mot världens mest inhumana samhälle, där kvinnor inte ens får köra bil, där gästarbetare behandlas som slavar - Saudie Arabien?? Bildts version av demokrati bör han hålla väldigt mycket för sig själv inser allt fler.

Vi får se nu vad som blir Odells öde men givet hur drivande Hägglund varit i processen relaterat till att sälja ut och privatisera Apoteket så finns det här sannorligt mäktiga beskyddare av i alla fall Hägglunds politiska karriär. Det såg vi det slutgiltiga beviset för i gårdagens omröstning. Mer privatisering in the works...?

Att sedan privatiseringen i realiteten för kunderna visat sig vara en katastrof med i vissa fall dramatiskt ökade väntetider, eskalerande kostnader etc spelar i sammanhanget ingen som helst roll. Många med mig inser nu efter detta att KD inte är det parti man skall välja om det är så att man eftersträvar ett moraliskt, ansvarstagande och rättvist samhälle.

Facit från apoteksprivatiseringen: Sämre tillgänglighet och oförändrade priser

Men politisk karriär och kompetens går inte alltid hand i hand. Politisk karriär och vilka man väljer att liera sig med gör det alltid. Fördel oligark kramaren Hägglund.

Baltikums tandlösa tanter

The Coming Privatization Scam

So the end game here will be abusive privatizations in exchange for government debt. The assets will be given away in exchange for fictitious capital debt securities. US Treasuries are the most overpriced security imaginable to use as currency for this. The theory of privatization in itself is not necessarily bad, but what will be appalling is that the kleptocrats are going to grab this bone to once again loot and raid in a major way.

The real solution would be to force the banksters to absorb much of the the debt. But instead the prevailing ideology is to privatize away public assets in yet another debt swap scam.

The only difference between puppets like Romney (Romney’s role in private equity) and Obama, is in determining which of these criminal kleptocrats feed the most at the tar pit. To the average American it will matter little , the end result is yet another enormous wealth transfer. This scheme effectively combines the debt slave model with eliminating the remaining benefits citizens get from public ownership. Imagine a world where there are both high taxes to pay for debt service and a toll at every corner.

1/3rd of all market cap now on central bank’s balance sheets

Living in a QE World

All Central Bank Balance Sheets Are Exploding Higher, Or Engaged In QEThe degree to which central banks around the world are printing money is unprecedented.The first eight charts below show the balance sheets of the largest central banks in the world. They are the European Central Bank (ECB), the Federal Reserve (Fed), the Bank of Japan (BoJ), the Bank of England (BoE), the Bundesbank (Germany), the Banque de France, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) and the Swiss National Bank (SNB). Noted on the charts are significant events or growth rates.Shown is the size of each respective balance sheet in its local currency. Note that all are exploding higher as every chart goes from the lower left to the upper right. Most are still making new all-time highs. If the basic definition of quantitative easing (QE) is a significant increase in a central bank’s balance sheet via increasing banking reserves, then all eight of these central banks are engaged in QE.
When shown in dollar terms below, the Bundesbank is the largest of the “second four” central banks. Further, its growth rate over the last five years has been among the highest. This is surprising since the Bundesbank is considered the “hard money” central bank.

Money Reform - Lost Science of Money


Lost Science of Money

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More than one million Wisconsinites have signed a petition to recall Scott Walker

representing the most-participated-in major recall effort in American history, and a number so significant that it is beyond any legal challenge. More then 845,000 signatures were collected for Rebecca Kleefisch. Signatures were submitted to the Government Accountability Board this afternoon.

The signatures represent the largest recall effort in the history of the United States and 185 percent of the signatures needed to trigger a recall of Walker.

“The collection of more than one million signatures represents a crystal clear indication of how strong the appetite is to stop the damage and turmoil that Scott Walker has caused Wisconsin,”

said Ryan Lawler, board member for United Wisconsin. “Scott Walker and his supporters tried to demean and marginalize recall circulators, but in Wisconsin winter, an army of more than 30,000 Wisconsin born-and-bred recall volunteers took to street corners, malls, places of worship, dinner tables and sidewalks to take their state back.

David Icke Speaking For Two Hours On Mainstream Croatian Television

The Interviews were shot in November and aired this month, causing a large number of people who had never heard this information to look at the world anew.David starts talking at 1.56.


Coryton job fears after owners Petroplus go bankrupt

24 January 2012 Last updated at 14:15 GMT
Around 1,000 jobs at the Coryton oil refinery in Essex are under threat after
Swiss owner Petroplus said it would file for bankruptcy.
The refinery, which supplies 20% of fuel for south-east England, halted sales
on Monday and told staff it was not sure when supplies would restart.


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'America will collapse'

America must work on starting a new economy and not restarting the old one or it will resemble the former Soviet Union, says author and blogger Dmitry Orlov.

In the end we're all debt - at least that's what they want

Hotspots – Ireland


Hotspota - Greece


Here an analysis made before it all broke down..

People & Power - Money Geyser- 05 Aug 07 - Part 1

People & Power - Money Geyser- 05 Aug 07 - Part 2

And here more about the underlyind "system"

Economic Hitman reveals shocking truths about the Government

'America lives in a fascist state' - Gerald Celente

Obama to Use Pension Funds of OrdinaryAmericans to Pay for Bank Mortgage “Settlement”
Obama’s latest housing market chicanery should come as no surprise. As we discuss below, he will use the State of the Union address to announce a mortgage “settlement” by Federal regulators, and at least some state attorneys
general. It’s yet another gambit designed to generate a campaign talking point while making the underlying problem worse. The president seems to labor under the misapprehension that crimes by members of the elite must be swept under the rug because prosecuting them would destabilize the system.

What he misses is that we are well past the point where cover-ups will work, and they may even blow up before the November elections. If nothing else, his settlement pact has a non-trivial Constitutional problem which the Republicans, if they are smart, will use to undermine the deal and discredit the Administration.

As I urged last week, please call your state attorney general and tell them you think taking from your pension to enrich banks for abusing homeowners is a lousy idea and they should therefore refuse to sign on to the settlement. You can find their phone numbers here. Please call today if you haven’t already. Thanks!

About e.g:
- Obama blatant militarism.
- poverty, some 80 million people in the US are living in powerty.
- 2008 Obama promised to hike the Federal minimal income rate from $ 7.25 to $9.50 by 2011. Today some 1/3 of all US workers are earning Wall Mart wages some in fact today even lower than $7.25. Remember the $9.50 would still be less in nominal inflation adjusted terms than the Federal minimal wage in 1968, when worker productivity was half of what it is today.
- Corporations like e.g. Apple, Cisco etc all are hording cash

It's easy to be "speedy" and "flexible" when you effectively own your "employees" as slaves!
A foreman immediately roused 8,000 workers inside the company’s dormitories, according to the executive. Each employee was given a biscuit and a cup of tea, guided to a workstation and within half an hour started a 12-hour
shift fitting glass screens into beveled frames. Within 96 hours, the plant was producing over 10,000 iPhones a day.

Is Obama a Wall Street project?

George Carlin - Why You Are In Debt

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Obama Signs Global Internet Treaty Worse Than SOPA

White House bypasses Senate to ink agreement that could allow Chinese companies to demand ISPs remove web content in US with no legal oversight

Penser pekar ut den bästa investeringen

"De enda familjer som har kvar sin förmögenhet efter 20 generationer är de som äger mark. Det gäller alltid och i hela världen.”

Hyllad reportagebok om den svenska adeln.»Mitt eget intresse för den markägande adeln uppstod när jag upptäckte att denna grupp var mycket mer levande än sitt rykte, och då inte bara i form av spöken. Den här boken spänner mellan en allmänt spridd uppfattning och känsla av att lantadeln är ett fruset och fattigt gäng på fallrepet, och en upptäckt att de tvärtom på flera håll är en seg, slug, rik och politiskt potent grupp av framgångsrika lantbruksföretagare och politiska lobbyister.« Vad har Brideshead Revisited, Evelyn Waughs roman om bortdöende engelsk adel (och kanske världens bästa TV-serie) med familjestriden på Erstavik utanför Stockholm att göra? Hur mycket som helst, skriver Björn af Kleen i sin reportagebok Jorden de ärvde. Den engelska adeln dog aldrig bort, inte den svenska heller. Stigande markpriser, sänkta skatter och återupprättat rykte har inneburit en ny skördetid för de svenska jordägarna. Hur gick det egentligen till när den svenska adeln överlevde både industrialismen och demokratin, vad bråkar de om på Erstavik och varför köpte egentligen Göran Persson Torp?

Dag Vag - Dimma


Ebba Grön & Dag Vag - Samma Sak

"He Says One Thing and Does Another": Ralph Nader Responds to Obama’s State of the Union Address

About e.g:

- Obama blatant militarism.

- powerty, some 80 million people in the US are living in powerty.
- 2008 Obama promised to hike the Federal minimal income rate from $ 7.25 to $9.50 by 2011. Today some 1/3 of all US workers are earning Wall Mart wages some in fact today even lower than $7.25. Remember the $9.50 would still be less in nominal inflation adjusted terms than the Federal minimal wage in 1968, when worker productivity was half of what it is today.

- Corporations like e.g. Apple, Cinco etc all are hording cash


Introducing the Mervyn King Home Quantitative Easening Kit


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Zbigniew Brzezinski discusses "intelligent manipulation" in Iran

Seems to me the democracy movement in the Eastern Europe e.g. by Solidaricy in Poland was a by people like Brzezinski "a manipulated event" and thus what can then be said about the "democracy movement" now on going in the Middle East..?


Peter Dale Scott on Zbigniew Brzezinski bragging about creating Islamic fundamentalism

Peter Dale Scott, historian and classmate of Zbig, discussing university memories and Brzezinski's creation of fundamentalist Islam fake terror movement.

The men behind Barack Obama

Seems to me some of Tarpleys predicions sure is about to play out in real mode..

Part 1

Part 2

Drone attack in Pakistan: 2005-2012

Bill Hicks - War In Iraq

The clip from Relentless in which Bill talks about the war in Iraq.

Obama to Use Pension Funds of Ordinary Americans

Obama to Use Pension Funds of Ordinary Americans to Pay for Bank Mortgage “Settlement”

Obama’s latest housing market chicanery should come as no surprise. As we discuss below, he will use the State of the Union address to announce a mortgage “settlement” by Federal regulators, and at least some state attorneys general. It’s yet another gambit designed to generate a campaign talking point while making the underlying problem worse.The president seems to labor under the misapprehension that crimes by members of the elite must be swept under the rug because prosecuting them would destabilize the system.

What he misses is that we are well past the point where coverups will work, and they may even blow up before the November elections. If nothing else, his settlement pact has a non-trivial Constitutional problem which the Republicans, if they are smart, will use to undermine the deal and discredit the Administration.

As I urged last week, please call your state attorney general and tell them you think taking from your pension to enrich banks for abusing homeowners is a lousy idea and they should therefore refuse to sign on to the settlement. You can find their phone numbers here. Please call today if you haven’t already. Thanks!

It's easy to be "speedy" and "flexible" when you effectively own your "employees" as slaves!
A foreman immediately roused 8,000 workers inside the company’s dormitories, according to the executive. Each employee was given a biscuit and a cup of tea, guided to a workstation and within half an hour started a 12-hour
shift fitting glass screens into beveled frames. Within 96 hours, the plant was producing over 10,000 iPhones a day.


George Carlin - The Owners of America

India to pay gold instead of dollars for Iranian oil. Oil and gold markets stunned

India is the first buyer of Iranian oil to agree to pay for its purchases in gold instead of the US dollar, debkafile's intelligence and Iranian sources report exclusively. Those sources expect China to follow suit. India and China take about one million barrels per day, or 40 percent of Iran's total exports of 2.5 million bpd. Both are superpowers in terms of gold assets. By trading in gold, New Delhi and Beijing enable Tehran to bypass the upcoming freeze on its central bank's assets and the oil embargo which the European Union's foreign ministers agreed to impose Monday, Jan. 23. The EU currently buys around 20 percent of Iran's oil exports.

måndag 23 januari 2012

Gerald Celente - This Week in Money - 21 January 2012


Gerald Celente - RTTV - 19 January 2012


It's easy to be "speedy" and "flexible" when you effectively own your "employees

A foreman immediately roused 8,000 workers inside the company’s dormitories, according to the executive. Each employee was given a biscuit and a cup of tea, guided to a workstation and within half an hour started a 12-hour
shift fitting glass screens into beveled frames. Within 96 hours, the plant was producing over 10,000 iPhones a day.

Strait Jacket: Iran to 'definitely' close Hormuz if EU bans oil

EU nations have formally adopted an unprecedented set of sanctions against Tehran - which include a bloc-wide embargo on Iranian oil. The move targets Iran's nuclear program which, the Islamic Republic insists, is for purely peaceful purposes. To discuss the implications of fresh sanctions against Iran, RT talks to James Corbett - editor of independent news website - 'The Corbett Report' which is based in Japan.

'Guerrilla assault on Iran well underway'

2016 Is The Year Of Change Not 2012


About raising your vibration

David R. Hawkins talks about changing the world

David R Hawkins - spirituality vs passivity

How to Instantly Tell Truth from Falsehood About Anything

We need to go on the offensive for our freedom of speech.

This week’s collective action against the PIPA and SOPA bills in the United States was unprecedented and mighty. But have you noticed that we’re always on the defensive? We cannot win or even maintain our rights to free speech that way.

I’m borrowing this blueprint from the Green group in the European Parliament (where, in turn, it came from the Pirate delegation). Let’s try this for a legislation package in Europe, the United States, Australia, and everywhere else we can:

It must be made absolutely clear that the copyright monopoly does not extend to what an ordinary person can do with ordinary equipment in their home and spare time; it regulates commercial, intent-to-profit activity only. Specifically, file sharing is always legal.

Free sampling. There must be exceptions that make it legal to create mashups and remixes. Quotation rights, like those that exist for text, must be extended to sound and video.

Digital Restrictions Management should preferably be outlawed, as it is a type of fraud nullifying consumer and citizen rights, but at least, it must always be legal to circumvent.

The baseline commercial copyright monopoly is shortened to a reasonable five years from publication, extendable to twenty years through registration of the work in a copyright monopoly database.

The public domain must be strengthened.

Net neutrality must be guaranteed.

Levies on blank media are outlawed.

Overall, it must always be clear where the line goes; “the courts will sort it out” areas are not acceptable and tantamount to outlawing.

lördag 21 januari 2012

David Icke: Remember Who You Are


US financial & economic collapse-

In this edition of the show Max interviews Gonzalo Lira from LiraSPG.com. He talks about his latest news features covering the US financial and economic collapse for Latin American television, including TeleSur and also stations in Mexico and Argentina. Gonzalo Lira is an American novelist, filmmaker and economic blogger. Starting in 2010, Lira began contributing economic analysis to Zero Hedge, Naked Capitalism, Seeking Alpha and Business Insider; in Zero Hedge, one of his posts was the second most read of 2010.

Chris Hedges Sues Obama Admin Over Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens Approved in NDAA

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges has filed suit against President Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to challenge the legality of the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes controversial provisions authorizing the military to jail anyone it considers a terrorism suspect anywhere in the world, without charge or trial. Sections of the bill are written so broadly that critics say they could encompass journalists who report on terror-related issues, such as Hedges, for supporting enemy forces. "It is clearly unconstitutional," Hedges says of the bill. "It is a huge and egregious assault against our democracy. It overturns over 200 years of law, which has kept the military out of domestic policing." We speak with Hedges, now a senior fellow at the Nation Institute, and former New York Times foreign correspondent who was part of a team of reporters that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2002 for the paper's coverage of global terrorism. We are also joined by Hedges' attorney Carl Mayer, who filed the litigation on his behalf in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.To watch the complete daily, independent news hour, read the transcript, download the podcast, and for additional coverage of the NDAA and civil liberties issues, visit the Democracy Now!

When the dollar fails, and currency are devalued, barter begins:

India, the world's fourth-largest oil consumer, relies on Iran for about 12 percent of its imports or 350,000-400,000 barrels per day (bpd) and is Tehran's second-biggest oil client after China. But Washington has snapped tighter financial sanctions on Iran and wants Asia, Tehran's biggest oil market, to cut imports in a bid to pressure the Islamic nation to rein in its nuclear ambitions, which it suspects are aimed at making weapons.

India Trade Secretary Rahul Khullar said this week that the Indian delegation to Iran would work around the U.S. sanctions to protect oil supplies and promote Indian exports.

The government source said Iran has agreed to step up imports from India which added up to some $2.7 billion in 2010/11 and including oilmeal, rice and

"This will cushion them (Iran) to some extent from exchange rate volatility," the source said.

Iran - News Analysis-01-15-2012

Trying to flex its muscles again, the United States want the world to go along with its demands. And this time it wants the world to boycott Iranian oil or be punished by Washington. According to Chinese authorities, Washington wants the world to listen to them based on their own domestic law, and that is simply not right.

NDAA/SOPA you see the signs..

Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law

CrossTalk: SOPA Police

'Enemy is on Wall Street, not in Iran'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling for the intensification of sanctions against Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program, saying an embargo on Iranian oil must be put in place. But Caleb Maupin of the International Action Center, an anti-war group, say such measures "are just part of a continued repression of the Iranian people."

'Enemy is on Wall Street, not in Iran'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling for the intensification of sanctions against Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program, saying an embargo on Iranian oil must be put in place. But Caleb Maupin of the International Action Center, an anti-war group, say such measures "are just part of a continued repression of the Iranian people."

fredag 20 januari 2012

John Williams: No Way Out–Hyperinflation by 2014

Jim welcomes back John Williams from Shadow Government Statistics. John sees no way to avoid hyperinflation, as some of the warning signs are getting worse: rising real inflation rates, massive Fed monetization, foreign nations dumping dollars, and the US losing its triple A credit rating.

How Cheap Money Will Destroy the World

Leverage is an essential part of the financial system, and when used properly it allows businesses to borrow funds to invest in growth and expansion, offers opportunities for reasonably priced housing, and much more. But current imbalances in the ways in which leverage is being used by the rich and powerful in the United States and abroad have led to an alarming situation that threatens to shake the global economy to its core.

In Leverage: How Cheap Money Will Destroy the World, well-known market commentator Karl Denninger literally follows the money, tracing the path it has taken through history and discovers a shocking truth—the power to control a nation's purse strings is addictive, and when that power falls into the hands of only a select few, they will pull the levers of government and policy to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else.

History is littered with the stories of collapsed monetary systems, and in every case the debasement of the currency in question, and the disasters that followed, can be directly blamed on excessive leverage, deployed in ill-intentioned and fraudulent ways by the elite.The current Great Recession is no exception to this rule. It was no accident, and the politicians and monied interests responsible knew that it was coming.

Special interests and other influential individuals have always used leverage to enrich themselves while looting the population at large. Eventually the bill always comes due and then we all have to pay.With Leverage in hand, we can avoid this disaster, and Denninger shows how. With practical, realistic ideas for fixing the financial system, devising sound energy policies, and more, the book stands between us and a debt we simply can't afford.

Vincent Browne v The ECB

Vincent Browne takes on Klaus Masuch over the issue of the Irish people having to foot the bill for unguaranteed bondholders.

Borg litar inte på centralbanker

När svåra beslut kring en krisande banksektor ska fattas under extrem tidspress tenderar centralbanker att vilja skapa stabilitet till varje pris, snarare än att skydda skattebetalarnas pengar, säger Borg som menar att centralbanker är för mjuka. Tuffheten finns främst hos de som måste möta väljarna. Det är inte rimligt att låta teknokrater ta beslut kring vad som ofta är extremt stora belopp, anser Anders Borg.

Anonymous message to world leaders


SOPA_ Anonymous Launches Operation Blackout

Anonymous - OpBlackout SOPA

Gerald Celente - Coast to Coast AM - 18 January 2012


Gerald Celente - Coast to Coast AM - 05 January 2012


Bank hollidays, claw backs in the works..

second half of the show, Max talks to financial blogger and semi-retired Wall Street executiveWarren E. Pollock about MF Global, wealth confiscation and bank holidays.


Ann Barnhardt and Warren Pollock have an open conversation organized to provide background to this crisis, the setting of legal precedent, netting, settlement, and future trends including a potential bank holiday. We talk about MF Global as it applies to savings and commercial banking, brokerage, insurance, and commodities. We talk about numeric impossibility of solving the problem, incest between government and finance, having the victim of the crisis pay rather than the fraudster. We explain how the MF Global bankruptcy process will define how customer funds will be treated in a bank holiday. We talk about the idea of having an honest bank holiday to root out fraud vs an economic crisis which plays to looting and criminal activity of vested interest.


Children are being abandoned on Greece's streets by their poverty-stricken families who cannot afford to look after them any more

"This is the appalling aftermath of the credit crunch which will now sweep across Europe. The banks profited hugely in the good time and then socialised the losses upon the public leading to the austerity described below. Yet the bonuses continued to role at the expense of the public. Rather then write off the debts and scale down the mega banks they have pushed the whole debt burden onto the general public as taxpayers with the results described below. This is only the start. Why there is not more outrage baffles me – the Occupy Wall Street movement is the beginning of a major worldwide protest & fightback."

Children are being abandoned on Greece's streets by their poverty-stricken families who cannot afford to look
after them any more. Youngsters are being dumped by their parents who are struggling to make ends meet in what is fast becoming the most tragic human consequence of the Euro crisis. It comes as pharmacists revealed the
country had almost run out of aspirin, as multi-billion euro austerity measures filter their way through society.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2085163/Children-dumped-streets-Greek-parents-afford-them.html#ixzz1jy4FBG3c

Bill Black

onsdag 18 januari 2012

Gerald Celente on The Alex Jones TV - 13 January 2012

Part 1

Intern kritik mot S-nej till europakt

Åsling är en Usling...

Intern kritik mot S-nej till europakt Beklagligt och förhastat. Det säger förre finansministern Erik Åsbrink (S) om Håkan Juholts nej till den nya europakten.

Bankers have seized Europe – Goldman Sachs Has Taken Over.

The "break-even" costs for the world's top oil producers

Russia now needs oil at $110 a barrel to manage its finances. For Iraq, the number is $100. Even Saudi Arabia now needs oil to trade around $80 a barrel just to balance its budgets. The numbers are also high for Algeria, Qatar, and Oman. Only a decade ago Saudi Arabia was able to balance its budget with oil prices averaging around $25 a barrel.

Oil will decline shortly after 2015, says former oil expert of International Energy Agency

First interactive book: "No More National Debt"


Bill Still's Speech at Bromsgrove 2010

Sweden under siege under banker occupation ..here is the proof and the result...


Author Bill Still: No More National Debt! - Alex Jones Tv 1/5

Bill Still says Ron Paul WRONG on Gold Standard on Keiser Repo

"What we need is debt free goverment issued money"

13 minutes in you'll be able to listen in to a great interview with Money Masters producer Mr Bill Still:

And here "The Money Masters"

What's killing the U.S. economy? It's the national debt and its interest payments. For the first time, written in simple terms, the following secrets of our money system are explained: Nations don't have to borrow. Nations can create their own money without debt. Nations can’t get out of debt – or even “pay down” their national bebt under the current system. Why? Because it is a debt-based economic system; all money is borrowed. In his 10th book, Bill Still lays out a message of hope, supported by centuries of evidence. His sweeping account shows that nations don't have to borrow their money into existence; nations can create their money without debt. Throughout history, every time this money system has been employed, prosperity follows. In fact, creating a nation's money without debt is THE most important power of a sovereign nation. With humanity's personal and economic freedom hanging in the balance, "No More National Debt" sounds a battle cry for a new human rights movement for the 21st century -- a single fix for the economy that can wipe out most of the world's hunger, poverty, disease and misery.


Keiser Report: Economics of Suicide

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, cover the great unmentionables: Ron Paul, Vermin Supreme and blackstonesucks.com. In the second half of the show, Max and Stacy discuss Treasury Secretary Geithner trying to coax China into committing economic suicide and learning your maths in America by counting slaves.

Investors Ignore Nordic Housing Bubble Risks as Hunt for Havens Picks Up

The notion that the Nordic region is a haven “is really a false perception,” said David Deddouche, a foreign-exchange strategist at Societe Generale SA in Paris, in an interview.“The risk is that at some stage there is a domestic development which pushes every investor out of the market at the same time and it is going to squeeze heavily. It’s quite dangerous.”

The risks aren’t reflected in the countries’ bond or currency markets, which investors are treating as havens from the euro area thanks to fiscal surpluses in Sweden and Norway. Sweden pays less than Germany to borrow for 10 years and Norway’s government bond yields slumped to a record-low last week, approaching parity with the largest euro-area economy.

Household debt in Norway will surge to 204 percent of disposable incomes this year, the highest since at least 1988, the central bank estimates. House prices doubled from 2001 to 2010, and jumped an annual 8.5 percent last month, Norway’s Real Estate Brokers Association said on Jan. 2.

In Sweden, the International Monetary Fund said in June homes “appear overvalued with enduring price falls likely,”after values tripled over the past 15 years. House pricesdropped 2 percent last quarter from a record, coming off a peak that had been fueled by tax cuts, historically low central bank policy rates and as the economy in 2010 rebounded at the fastest pace in 40 years.

and here is an interesting chart of debt to GDP. As shure is that the overall financial debt is the challenge relative the UK economy the challenge for Swedes is all relataed not to geverment but to household (housing) debt:


In fact one third of all housholds in sweden has loans 7 times exeeding their income. Only quite minute interest hikes thus will cause a significant impact on the overall Swedish housing market.

Hushållens skulder har ökat kraftigt i både nominella termer, 3 323 procent, och reala, 714 procent. För att förstå om skulderna har vuxit sig allt för stora för hushållen jämför vi olika värden med skulderna. Störst ökning har skuld mot disponibel inkomst med 110 procent. En förklaring kan vara att många av de andra måtten, exempelvis bostadstillgångar, stiger med de ökade lånesummorna. Effekten blir att kvoten inte stiger trots att skulderna ökat.

Det finns stora skillnader mellan hushållens skuldnivå. Snittbelåningen är 45 procent, medan var tredje låntagare vid en mätning 2009 var belånad över 80 procent. De med störst bolån är unga som nyligen köpt sitt boende till dagens höga priser. Skulder finns även i bostadsrättsföreningar vilket ökar hushållens skuld utöver den som togs för att finansiera bostadsrättsköpet.


tisdag 17 januari 2012

Who are the rating agencies serving?

Press TV interviews Max Keiser, journalist and broadcaster in Paris about the credit rating agency's role in having nations impose austerity measures on the people of Europe and the damage this is causing to sovereign nations.

måndag 16 januari 2012

Saudis target 'triple-digit' oil price for the first time

Saudi Arabia said on Monday it wanted to keep crude oil prices at around $100 (U.S.) a barrel, the first time the kingdom has targeted a “triple-digit” price and a quarter above the previous ambition of $75 suggested by King Abdullah in November 2008.

Riyadh needs higher oil prices to sustain the big public rises in public spending it plans in an effort to forestall the political unrest sweeping the Middle East. King Abdullah has already announced two populist programs of handouts and boost to public spending.

The policies, at a total cost of $129-billion - equal to more than half the country’s oil revenues last year - vary from one-off bonuses for public sector workers to the promise of half a million homes at affordable prices. But the largesse failed to satisfy activists who were angry that the package of measures did not include political reforms.

The Institute of International Finance, a leading banking group, estimates that the break-even oil price the kingdom requires to balance its budget will jump from $68 last year to $110 in 2015. Only a decade ago Saudi Arabia was able to balance its budget with oil prices averaging $20-$25. In spite of high oil prices and production, Saudi Arabia has suffered a fiscal deficit for the last three years in a row.

Jawda, a Riyadh-based investment house, estimates that the kingdom’s fiscal expenditure would grow by 19 per cent this year, the biggest annual hike since 2006.

Greece default

Listening to what Moritz Kraemer, managing director of European sovereign ratings at Standard & Poor's says in this Bloomberg interview, to me at least is really sounds as now its all about trying to get Greece in an orderly default, not if a default not is about to happen. So Greece will dafault question then is justy how orderly it will be.

Linde CEO says Germany should mull euro exit-paper

Germany should consider leaving the euro if efforts to impose fiscal discipline upon indebted euro zone countries fail, the head of industrial gases firm Linde (LING.DE) told German weekly paper Der Spiegel.

If we do not succeed in disciplining crisis countries, Germany needs to exit," said Reitzle who was previously a board member at carmaker BMW (BMWG.DE) and head of Jaguar and Land Rover.

Reitzle said the euro zone is unlikely to break up completely but Greece is not in a position to service its debt.
"The country is not in a position to restructure itself in such a way that it can remain in the currency union," Reitzle said.


Greece will default – as it should. The bondholders will get roasted – as they should – for making bad investments.

The laws of capitalism will be allowed to do their thing. Debtors and creditors will pay – as they both should – with both parties sharing the cost.Whether this leads to Greece being pushed out of the euro remains to be seen.

An opportunistic play by a desperate Greek government might be a total default, followed by the reintroduction of a new currency and then the restart button is hit. Initially, it would be an international pariah, but over time it would recover.

You might think it sounds radical, but it is straight from the IMF’s own adjustment handbook. In fact, the favoured IMF remedy to debt crises is partial/agreed default, followed by a rapid devaluation of the currency, which is then fixed at a new, much lower level.

The more aggressive approach is simply an amplified version of what is likely to happen anyway. The present policy calls for an internal devaluation plus some default. Why not an explicit external devaluation with total default, which gets you to the same place but a lot more quickly?

One of the reasons why there will be huge opposition in Europe to the Greeks going down this road is because it means the banks that lent money to Greece would get nothing or very little.On the other hand, internal devaluation would mean that they would take a haircut and then slowly bleed Greece dry for the rest of the money. But when you think about Greece’s position, this makes no sense. Greece has a current account deficit of ten per cent of GDP.

This means it must borrow an amount equal to nearly ten per cent of its GDP to pay for its current level of imports. If yet more money goes abroad to feed interest payments for foreign banks, it will have to borrow yet more just to make its current account balance. This is why getting the biggest default now must look attractive from Athens.

The realisation of this Greek position has led to the downgrading of France because the French banks are more exposed to Greece than any other foreign banks. All this news is simply the latest phase in Europe’s ongoing debt crisis. It is clear that, however it ends, the credit/banking industry will never be the same again.


The Rule of Law as the basis for real direct democracy and sound money system.

Democracy really now has become a blatant spin world for the powers at be in order to gain more global influence.

Democracy has become a so “up in your face” tool to manipulate media and the masses in to a fake, brainwashed view and interpretation of what really is all about lack of rule of law.

With democracy it’s dead easy for the immensely wealth few to control the 99%. All you need in order to implement democracy is a small enough group of people let’s say a few couple of hundreds. You then dictat these people have the right to decide on every aspect of any importance influencing your daily lives and future by majority rule. All you need is more than 50% of the votes.

Who then are the few couple of hundreds? Well in the US they are referred to as the e.g. senate and congress and the
president, in other parts of the world they are referred to as e.g. the parliament. Then you just need to make sure that no one of any importance can have any say or promote about anything important without you approval.

No direct threats needed just plain and common networking in order to ensure no one can make any career of any significance without your connections and money.

That’s why you need billions in the US in order to become a president and in order to support your campaign. Who’d ever thought a democracy was all about to choose between two already bought and bribed candidates promoting the powers at bees agenda?

Now it’s all about democracy for the middle east. How about instead rule of law and financial crooks instigating the
biggest robbery and transfer of wealth in the history of man prosecuted and put away for good behind bars?

Again and if you by now do not understand that democracy simply is used to further enslave us all and what in fact we all now all over the world lack is real rule of law you’re simply completely lost and you have bought in the main stream brainwash propaganda.

Two things now is all about to change all of this:

A. New financial and underground IT based services shortcutting the complete banking and financial sector allowing
you and me to use our money electronically without any charges or middle hands.
a. Here is one example: http://bitcoin.org/

B. New IT solutions allowing all people to participate and have a direct say in every aspect of every decision of any importance local, regional as well as globally, shortcutting politicians, lobbying interests, oligarchs, bankers and the rest.
b. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ymisqrieWg

So with real rule of law implemented as the basis for our common good and interests and combined with new it underground solutions related to a fair and honest money and payment solutions as well as new capability to allow for all people to direcly participate in the decision process we're gearing up for a very much imporved future.

Banks and the political class both are aboute to become as absolete as you local CD musik store.

lördag 14 januari 2012

Dissecting Occupy Wall Street-On the Edge with Max Keiser-13-01-2012

In this edition of the show Max interviews Danny Schechter; media activist, author and filmmaker.The program starts with a precedent of Danny Schechter's book, "In Debt We Trust" which is about economic meltdown in America. Another book discussed by Schechter was "plunder" which was about Lemon Brothers' collapse. He said the financial story in America is not a business story, it's rather a crime story.


onsdag 11 januari 2012

Wesley Clark ( US 4 Star General ) US will attack 7 countries in 5 years.

So much for the "Twitter revolution" in the middle east..

Wesley Clark , Oct 3 2007 at the commonwealth club of California. (San Francisco California )He openly says that there was a policy coup . ( Donald Rumsfeld , Paul Wolfowitz , Dick Cheney ) - Project for a New American Century.

He stated that they are going to destroy the governments of 7 countries in 5 years .Countries listed below !Iraq, Syria , Lebanon , Libya, Samolia , Sudan and Iran ( 7 countries in 5 years) They must clean up all former soviet client regimes before the next super power comes on to challenge us.

Bitcoin, digital valuta bortom myndigheternas kontroll

Medan Euron darrar i sina grundvalar utvecklas i det tysta mindre valutor. Men då sådana som bara finns digitalt. Framtiden menar vissa, obskyrt tycker andra. En av valutorna heter Bitcoin.

Enligt en uppskattning finns idag motsvarande mellan 3 och 400 miljoner kronor i denna enbart digitala valuta i datorer världen över och som används nästa helt bortom myndigheternas kontroll.

Tillskyndarnas vision är att den om några år ska vara betydligt mer utbredd bland allmänheten. Och kanske till och med utgöra ett hot mot de traditionella bankerna.

We discuss copyright and how Hollywood cons Congress by using Wall Street accounting. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Amir Taaki about hackers, piracy, technology and bitcoin.

tisdag 10 januari 2012

Banking system crisis-On the Edge with Max Keiser-01-06-2012

In this edition of the show Max interviews Paul Craig Roberts, Economist &Author.

He talks about the rampant and increasingly blatant banking frauds in the US and around the world. Paul Craig Roberts is an economist and a columnist for Creators Syndicate. He served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration earning fame as a co-founder of Reaganomics.

Paul Craig Roberts (born April 3, 1939) is an American economist and a columnist for Creators Syndicate. He served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration earning fame as a co-founder of Reaganomics.[1] He is a former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Scripps Howard News Service. Roberts has been a critic of both Democratic and Republican administrations.

Have you ever wondered why the CPI, GDP and employment numbers run counter to your personal and business experiences? The problem lies in biased and often-manipulated government reporting.

MF Global: 'Stealth Finance'

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission voted unanimously to adopt what's now called, the MF Global Rule. And the timing and naming couldn't be more fitting now with the recent bankruptcy of the brokerage firm, MF Global, which is now missing about $1.2 billion in customer money. William Black, former Federal banking regulator and Associate Professor of Law and Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City joins the show.


William Black tells the real truth

tisdag 3 januari 2012

Kyle Bass On Rehypothecation And Other Keynesian Endgame Scenarios

I do thing Mr Bass is right on the money in most of his basic assumtions and analysis. However why does he only look at official debt when you get an entierly different picture when including also off balance sheet debt and how can he argue US banks already have taken the hit writing off their debt?

Instead isen't the US large banks, or in fact all the large anglo-saxon banks for that matter, situation very much worse of when you also take in to account what in lay mans terms is reffered to as the shaddow banking system? Or how about the totally unregulated and extensively leveraged in excess of$ 600 trillion derivatives market and considering that e.g. JP Morgan only is claimed to sit on some 40% of all the derivateives in the US?

Needless to say with a gray market that size with no oversight, levereged up to in some cases well over 200 times only what in fact may be very minute negative positions can blow up all the worlds largest banks in the blink of an eye.

The only thing that has been able to hold these markets up, and in fact the ww derivatives market has grown since 2008, has been the ability to create new debt creation via the central banks and extensive money printing. With now debt saturation becoming the real, ultimate and definitive showstoper not only in the private sector but for sure also in therms of goverment debt thats a now a ponzi scheme about to stop.

Bottom line when Greece defaults not only French and German banks will fail but for sure also JP Morgan as well as HSBC will become history..Question is what will happen to the sovergin states like Germany, UK and the US. Who will be hiot the most and who will be able to get out on top?

Today it seems as anybodys guess but myselfI'n more inclined to beleive the paper based anglo saxon banks and states will find themselves in more dire strates that what may be the case for Germanic svear..


Hedge Fund manager Kyle Bass lays out the European disaster

Bass has made sharp and keen analysis going back before the Housing bubble, and is now betting against Germany and Japan as the next to potentially default on their debt.


Debt Sustainability: Which Countries Are Beyond the Point of Return and Why?

The 2011 University of Virginia Investing Conference was held November 10th & 11th at the Darden School of Business. This year's theme was "The Political Cycle, Political Change and Investing.In this video, Kyle Bass, Managing Partner of Hayman Capital Management LP, is interviewed by Darden Professor Ken Eades.Kyle spoke at the conference on "Debt Sustainability: Which Countries Are Beyond the Point of Return and Why".

Gerald Celente on France 24 - 30 December 2011


War With Iran By George Galloway


Exposing American Banks' Multi-Trillion Umbilical Cord With Europe

Yet while CNBC's surprise at this finding is to be expected, one person whom we did not expect to be caught offguard by this was one of the only economists out there worth listening to: Ken Rogoff. Here is what he said:

"Shin’s paper has orders of magnitude that I didn’t know"...Rogoff said it’s hard to calculate the impact that the unfolding European banking crisis could have on the United States. “If we saw a meltdown, it’s hard to be too hyperbolic about how grave the effects would be” he said.

Actually not that hard - complete collapse sounds about right. Which is why the central banks will never let Europe fail - first they will print, then they will print, and lastly they will print some more.

But we all knew that. Although the take home is the finally the talking heads who claim that financial decoupling is here will shut up once and for all.

Gerald Celente hammers MF Global's "MF'ers" on Capital Account

Technocrats or the markets who decides she asks? For sure it's not the people who have ANY say in this. And for sure if you are part of the Goldman Sachs svere your not only protected but in fact in charge:

Gerald Celente founder and director at Trends Research Institute and publisher of the Trends Journal tells us how he has become a casualty of MF Global's bankruptcy to the tune of six figures! And while MF Global went belly up due to bad bets on European sovereign debt, Celente says the eurozone is next to go. Celente responds to Nouriel Roubini's forecasts of an exit from the eurozone. This after technocrats are installed in Rome and Athens to calm markets. Yet we see Italian and Spanish bond yields on the rise. Meanwhile, Spanish, French and Belgian CDS hit new records

Celente: Fascism, Ponzi Scheme, Iran and WW III

Bankers have seized Europe – Goldman Sachs Has Taken Over.

On November 25, two days after a failed German government bond auction in which Germany was unable to sell 35% of its offerings of 10-year bonds, the German finance minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble said that Germany might retreat from its demands that the private banks that hold the troubled sovereign debt from Greece, Italy, and Spain must accept part of the cost of their bailout by writing off some of the debt. The private banks want to avoid any losses either by forcing the Greek, Italian, and Spanish governments to make good on the bonds by imposing extreme austerity on their citizens, or by having the European Central Bank print euros with which to buy the sovereign debt from the private banks. Printing money to make good on debt is contrary to the ECB’s charter and especially frightens Germans, because of the Weimar experience with hyperinflation.

Obviously, the German government got the message from the orchestrated failed bond auction. As I wrote at the time, there is no reason for Germany, with its relatively low debt to GDP ratio compared to the troubled countries, not to be able to sell its bonds.

If Germany’s creditworthiness is in doubt, how can Germany be expected to bail out other countries? Evidence that Germany’s failed bond auction was orchestrated is provided by troubled Italy’s successful bond auction two days later.

Strange, isn’t it. Italy, the largest EU country that requires a bailout of its debt, can still sell its bonds, but Germany, which requires no bailout and which is expected to bear a disproportionate cost of Italy’s, Greece’s and Spain’s bailout, could not sell its bonds.

In my opinion, the failed German bond auction was orchestrated by the US Treasury, by the European Central Bank and EU authorities, and by the private banks that own the troubled sovereign debt.

My opinion is based on the following facts. Goldman Sachs and US banks have guaranteed perhaps one trillion dollars or more of European sovereign debt by selling swaps or insurance against which they have not reserved. The fees the US banks received for guaranteeing the values of European sovereign debt instruments simply went into profits and executive bonuses. This, of course, is what ruined the American insurance giant, AIG, leading to the TARP bailout at US taxpayer expense and Goldman Sachs’ enormous profits.

If any of the European sovereign debt fails, US financial institutions that issued swaps or unfunded guarantees against the debt are on the hook for large sums that they do not have. The reputation of the US financial system probably could not survive its default on the swaps it has issued. Therefore, the failure of European sovereign debt would renew the financial crisis in the US, requiring a new round of bailouts and/or a new round of Federal Reserve “quantitative easing,” that is, the printing of money in order to make good on irresponsible financial instruments, the issue of which enriched a tiny number of executives.

Certainly, President Obama does not want to go into an election year facing this prospect of high profile US financial failure. So, without any doubt, the US Treasury wants Germany out of the way of a European bailout.

The private French, German, and Dutch banks, which appear to hold most of the troubled sovereign debt, don’t want any losses. Either their balance sheets, already ruined by Wall Street’s fraudulent derivatives, cannot stand further losses or they fear the drop in their share prices from lowered earnings due to write-downs of bad sovereign debts. In other words, for these banks big money is involved, which provides an enormous incentive to get the German government out of the way of their profit statements.

The European Central Bank does not like being a lesser entity than the US Federal Reserve and the UK’s Bank of England. The ECB wants the power to be able to undertake “quantitative easing” on its own. The ECB is frustrated by the restrictions put on its powers by the conditions that Germany required in order to give up its own currency and the German central bank’s control over the country’s money supply. The EU authorities want more “unity,” by which is meant less sovereignty of the member countries of the EU. Germany, being the most powerful member of the EU, is in the way of the power that the EU authorities desire to wield.

Thus, the Germans bond auction failure, an orchestrated event to punish Germany and to warn the German government not to obstruct “unity” or loss of individual country sovereignty.

Germany, which has been browbeat since its defeat in World War II, has been made constitutionally incapable of strong leadership. Any sign of German leadership is quickly quelled by dredging up remembrances of the Third Reich. As a consequence, Germany has been pushed into an European Union that intends to destroy the political sovereignty of the member governments, just as Abe Lincoln destroyed the sovereignty of the American states.

Who will rule the New Europe? Obviously, the private European banks and Goldman Sachs.

The new president of the European Central Bank is Mario Draghi. This person was Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs International and a member of Goldman Sachs’ Management Committee. Draghi was also Italian Executive Director of the World Bank, Governor of the Bank of Italy, a member of the governing council of the European Central Bank, a member of the board of directors of the Bank for International Settlements, and a member of the boards of governors of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Asian Development Bank, and Chairman of the Financial Stability Board.

Obviously, Draghi is going to protect the power of bankers.

Italy’s new prime minister, who was appointed not elected, was a member of Goldman Sachs Board of International Advisers. Mario Monti was appointed to the European Commission, one of the governing organizations of the EU. Monti is European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, a US organization that advances American hegemony over the world. Monti is a member of the Bilderberg group and a founding member of the Spinelli group, an organization created in September 2010 to facilitate integration within the EU.

Just as an unelected banker was installed as prime minister of Italy, an unelected banker was installed as prime minister of Greece. Obviously, they are intended to produce the bankers’ solution to the sovereign debt crisis.

Greece’s new appointed prime minister, Lucas Papademos, was Governor of the Bank of Greece. From 2002-2010. He was Vice President of the European Central Bank. He, also, is a member of America’s Trilateral Commission.

Jacques Delors, a founder of the European Union, promised the British Trade Union Congress in 1988 that the European Commission would require governments to introduce pro-labor legislation. Instead, we find the banker-controlled European Commission demanding that European labor bail out the private banks by accepting lower pay, fewer social services, and a later retirement.

The European Union, just like everything else, is merely another scheme to concentrate wealth in a few hands at the expense of European citizens, who are destined, like Americans, to be the serfs of the 21st century.

In Sweden our former Socail Democratic (mind you) finance minister as well as former Chairman of the Swedish Central bank Mr Eerik Åsling now has joined Goldman as an expert advicer..

By the way did you know that parlament representative for the Swedish Social Democratic party Ylva Johansson (former Communist mind you) is married to the very same Erik Åsbrik? And did you know it is Ylva Johansson Åsbrik that just some couple of days ago launched a very seriouse and instigated attack on current Social Democratic party leader Mr Juholt?

Bottom line - who is working for who here..?

Jim Rogers - Mark My Words, The Dollar Will Disappear

The Euro isn't going to survive. There will be a politician in every single country that blames rising prices on the Euro, and the will take them out of the union. In a generation, Asia will have risen dramatically. There will be three blocs.

The American bloc, the European bloc, and the Asian bloc. The standards of living in America and Europe will stagnate or possibly decline in real terms, and the standards of living in Asia will rise. Asians won't uniformly become rich, but there could be a billion people that could live as well as we are now. The young European just wants to take it easy. They want to take a lot of holidays. Because of this, they won't get as much out of life. The Asians are just as smart and talented, and they work 365 days per year.

Europe always adapts itself to new realities, but Asia is working twice as hard. They are losing their prosperity. Europe is definitely losing ground on a relative basis, but their values will remain intact. Many cities throughout history have aged well. It is possible for Europe to age well. Tourism could become a huge industry. People in Asia might want to own a house in Europe. Venice may be sinking, but it has still held up rather well.

After the fall of communism, 3 billion more people joined the market economy. This has caused instability, but it will be better in the long run. Lots of politicians will bash Brussles because it will make them popular at home.

But the citizens will still want to remain part of the EU. For the next ten years, you will probably want to invest in the Euro or the Dollar. Ideally, you will probably want to be in the Euro, because the US Dollar has some major problems. Something needs to replace the Dollar. It will disappear in the next 20 years. America gets the politicians they deserve, and there have been some rotten politicians in the past few decades.

“We Are Going To Kill The Dollar”

Investor Kyle Bass discloses his discussion with a senior Obama admin about how this economic crisis is going to
play out. The answer is to export our way out of this mess by making our exports cheaper by destroying the dollar in a global game of currency devaluation. This simply means that they are going to print more and more dollars until all of your purchasing power is destroyed and you will need more and more dollars to buy the same amount of goods. (ie. Massive Inflation.)

World’s Biggest Economies Face $7.6 Trillion Debt

Led by Japan’s $3 trillion and the U.S.’s $2.8 trillion, the amount coming due for the Group of Seven nations and Brazil,Russia, India and China is up from $7.4 trillion at this time last year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Ten-year bond yields will be higher by year-end for at least seven of the countries, forecasts show. Investors may demand higher compensation to lend to countries that struggle to finance increasing debt burdens as the global economy slows, surveys show. The International Monetary Fund cut its forecast for growth this year
to 4 percent from a prior estimate of 4.5 percent as Europe’s debt crisis spreads, the U.S. struggles to reduce a budget deficit exceeding $1 trillion and China’s property market cools.

Basically there are only two ways to try to solve this humongous debt problem. One you either write of all debt - and that's then exit to our financial debt based system as we know it, or you try to inflate your way out of it.

In order for the first to happen you need systemic change, and then really a total new system change not the Obama fake "Change" nonsense and that then means not only a good buy to our financial system as we know it but in fact a good buy for good for all the institutions today supporting our current political system. Best guess is that is what is going to happen but that it will require some real effort and that it will take time.

In the mean time trying to inflate your way out of what then truly is a deflationary issue can only happen if you’re the only one trying to inflate. Given the ongoing and worldwide currency devaluation process that’s not going to make any significant difference in regards of getting of a debt burden. In fact what we now may see is e.g. China devaluation their currency within a not too long timeframe in order to try to adjust to weaker exports as both domestic as well as international consumption is about to shrink even further. Evident then that devaluation the dollar in such a scenario will lead nowhere.

Then and until real systemic change will happen and as the devaluation battle of fiat currencies ww continues what is needed to clear out the debt and get the economy going is a real "cleansing" war effort. That clearly now by the ruling elites the preferred short term "solution". People like e.g. Foreign Minister in Sweden Carld Bild is actively promoting this idea as is in fact everybody with the ambition to be part of the current political and financial system. As an example you cannot claim to be a serious contender for any candidacy for the US presidency if you’re not arguing "we need to bomb Iran".

Now were on the verge of trying at least to get rid of some of the debt and currency issues by killing of Iranian children, women.

In the meanwhile real systemic change is what will happen. Only question is what will replace it? Watch our for people promoting "Democracy" when what in fact what is desperately needed is real "Rule by Law". The ongoing process now in the "developed" economies is "privatization" in a process promoting nothing else than oligarchy.

What is in store for us in 2012? Will the revolts turn into real revolutions? And what impact will it have on the economy? Will the year 2012 bring a second term to Barack Obama? And will the euro survive? Peter Lavelle is joined by Mark Levine from CA, Mark Levine from DC and Jeffrey Sommers.