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Investigators trace Politkovskaya killing to Berezovsky

When you actually get something from someone else so cheap its actually and in fact more like stealing, well then you do not want anyone really to know about it. So when a jourmalist starts to investigate then you better try to silece her off real quick either by threaths, getting her fired or as a last resort by getting her killed. If you do the last well then you better have make sure you put the blame on someone else for good.

As allways best time for oligarchs is when there is a real big crisis. So big of a chrisis so that in order to pay off debt the state as to sell of property, public utilities, resources real and dead cheap. So that in fcat how the russian oligarchs got all their tremendeous wealth as the former soviet union collapsed and most of what then reaslly was worth anything was transfered to private hands.

Like Ceasar Putin however has started a process to reclaim som at least of that wealth back to the state and sure enough oligarchs doesen't like that at all. In fact they fight back with all their might..What then better way to do it that to attach someone who in fact was investigating your worst opponent?

Anti-Putin oligarch killed anti-Putin journalist?

Pavlyuchenkov also said that the person who ordered the hit on Politkovskaya had insisted that it be carried out before Vladimir Putin’s birthday on October 7, and best of all on the day itself.According to Russian law enforcers, Lom-Ali Gaitukayev received an order to kill journalist and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya in July 2006 and created a criminal group for this purpose. It included former chief of the fourth division of the Moscow City Police Operational Search Department, Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov, former officer of Moscow Police Directorate for Fighting Organized Crime Khadjikurbanov and two more people. Kommersant reports that in the near future, investigators plan to question other suspects in the case who have also been detained.


The media in the west are all trying to put the blaim on President Putin:

Truth is being murdered in Putin's bloody Russia

But really is the the one we need to blaim?

Russian-Israeli Oligarchs Co-Opting Bush/Blair Behind Anti-Putin Ops

In fact almost all of the journalists killed last couple of years in Russia, one way or the other where investigating issues and cases realated to how this transfer of publicly owned property came in to the hands of private people, thus creating tremendeouse and immence large and fast wealth gains. Thus itäs evident it is not Putin who stands to gain frome all these killing.

Part of the ripp of is the effort to try to silence all journalists (Oligarch all are in favour not of free spech but rather lack of free speach) thus getting some peace and quiet and all light off your own dirty laundry and at the same time making your worst opponent take all the hits.

Michael Cherney ( Mikhail Chernoy ) And Russian Oligarchs

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