måndag 16 januari 2012

The Rule of Law as the basis for real direct democracy and sound money system.

Democracy really now has become a blatant spin world for the powers at be in order to gain more global influence.

Democracy has become a so “up in your face” tool to manipulate media and the masses in to a fake, brainwashed view and interpretation of what really is all about lack of rule of law.

With democracy it’s dead easy for the immensely wealth few to control the 99%. All you need in order to implement democracy is a small enough group of people let’s say a few couple of hundreds. You then dictat these people have the right to decide on every aspect of any importance influencing your daily lives and future by majority rule. All you need is more than 50% of the votes.

Who then are the few couple of hundreds? Well in the US they are referred to as the e.g. senate and congress and the
president, in other parts of the world they are referred to as e.g. the parliament. Then you just need to make sure that no one of any importance can have any say or promote about anything important without you approval.

No direct threats needed just plain and common networking in order to ensure no one can make any career of any significance without your connections and money.

That’s why you need billions in the US in order to become a president and in order to support your campaign. Who’d ever thought a democracy was all about to choose between two already bought and bribed candidates promoting the powers at bees agenda?

Now it’s all about democracy for the middle east. How about instead rule of law and financial crooks instigating the
biggest robbery and transfer of wealth in the history of man prosecuted and put away for good behind bars?

Again and if you by now do not understand that democracy simply is used to further enslave us all and what in fact we all now all over the world lack is real rule of law you’re simply completely lost and you have bought in the main stream brainwash propaganda.

Two things now is all about to change all of this:

A. New financial and underground IT based services shortcutting the complete banking and financial sector allowing
you and me to use our money electronically without any charges or middle hands.
a. Here is one example: http://bitcoin.org/

B. New IT solutions allowing all people to participate and have a direct say in every aspect of every decision of any importance local, regional as well as globally, shortcutting politicians, lobbying interests, oligarchs, bankers and the rest.
b. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ymisqrieWg

So with real rule of law implemented as the basis for our common good and interests and combined with new it underground solutions related to a fair and honest money and payment solutions as well as new capability to allow for all people to direcly participate in the decision process we're gearing up for a very much imporved future.

Banks and the political class both are aboute to become as absolete as you local CD musik store.

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