lördag 14 februari 2009

The Federal Reserv Board Abolition act H.R 833

Keiser, Schiff om läget just nu: Dubai, Abu Dabi, dollar, FED, sparare, konsumenter, ränta, Assignats och revolutioner.

Peter Schiff on the Max Keiser 's Oracle part 1/2

Peter Schiff on the Max Keiser 's Oracle part 2/2

"The French tried it in the late 18th Century, and it lead to hyperinflation. Assignats, which were first issued in 1790 to help finance the French revolution, were backed by mortgages on confiscated church properties. Although the stolen underlying collateral did have some value, the revolutionaries saw no reason to limit how many Assignats were printed, which resulted in massive depreciation. Within three years, price controls were introduced and failure to accept Assignats, initially an offence subject to six years in prison, was made a capital crime. By 1799 the currency was completely worthless.

If even the threat of death could not prop up the Assignat, does anyone believe that the currency could have been saved if Robespierre had forcefully mouthed a “strong Assignat policy” as President Bush is now doing with the dollar? Rather than repeating the mistakes of history we should learn from them. Our own failed experiment with the Continental currency as well as the Great Depression should prove conclusively that it is Austrian, and not French, economics we should be following."

Peter Schiff predictions
Barack Obama's policies will unleash a greater economic crisis than the world is now facing, believes US financial forecaster, Peter Schiff.

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