måndag 2 januari 2012

UK plunges into moral, economic decline

Tarpley: I would just like to say that the secessionism is the ruling class program, the busting up of the nation's sates into impotent entities is exactly what they want under the IMF [International Monetary Fund].I think Britain right now is threatened by the fact that if we get a European banking panic in the next couple of months that would bring down the city of London in a panic and at that point Britain has almost nothing left.I mean, here in the US we still have some farm production, we still have a few factories left but the deindustrialization of Britain is gone so far that if the city of London collapses, you have a really grim scene with terrible danger.

Must listen to podcast – shocker prediction for 2012 – UK’s debt’s worst in G20 with no gold – “If there is a crisis in 2012, it will be Sterling, not the Euro or Dollar.”

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