onsdag 18 januari 2012

Bill Still says Ron Paul WRONG on Gold Standard on Keiser Repo

"What we need is debt free goverment issued money"

13 minutes in you'll be able to listen in to a great interview with Money Masters producer Mr Bill Still:

And here "The Money Masters"

What's killing the U.S. economy? It's the national debt and its interest payments. For the first time, written in simple terms, the following secrets of our money system are explained: Nations don't have to borrow. Nations can create their own money without debt. Nations can’t get out of debt – or even “pay down” their national bebt under the current system. Why? Because it is a debt-based economic system; all money is borrowed. In his 10th book, Bill Still lays out a message of hope, supported by centuries of evidence. His sweeping account shows that nations don't have to borrow their money into existence; nations can create their money without debt. Throughout history, every time this money system has been employed, prosperity follows. In fact, creating a nation's money without debt is THE most important power of a sovereign nation. With humanity's personal and economic freedom hanging in the balance, "No More National Debt" sounds a battle cry for a new human rights movement for the 21st century -- a single fix for the economy that can wipe out most of the world's hunger, poverty, disease and misery.


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