tisdag 17 november 2009

US monetize debt via the UK? China backs off US treasuries

Här ett tydligt bevis för att Kina nu minskar ned investeringarna i Amerikanska stattspapper. En trend som uppmärksammades av Chris Martenson redan i början av september, se här:

Några take aways:

...China was not the most important purchaser of Treasuries over the first six months of the current year (2009), but was a distant third place behind the UK and Japan.

Hur kan det komma sig att Storbritannien givet sina usla egna statsfinanser (se tidigare inlägg) köper amerikanska stattspapper i sådan omfattning?

One might wonder how an island nation that is mired in a deep and profound fiscal crisis finds itself in a position to buy so many Treasury bonds. Where did the money come from?

Martenson frågar sig om det i realiuteten kav vara Amerikanska FED som via omvägar nu Monetize US debt:

While part of the answer lies with the fact that the UK banking center often operates as a pass-through for other entities (like Saudi Arabia, for example), it could also be operating on the behalf of other official parties. Like the Federal Reserve, perhaps? While that is rank speculation, it would certainly be nice to have a simple audit put such nagging worries completely to rest.

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