fredag 27 november 2009

STP and it's potential upside

Another way of putting this new C$1.50 SP target from Canacord Adams in perspective would be to say:

6.000 bpd for 15 years Senlac + 12.000 bpd from McKay 30 years production - indicates a SP target of C$1.50

Now with McKay only som 10.5 of STP total 269 sections will be developed. Im not saying STP future SP potential with this is 269/10.5 or some 25 times the SP target of C$1.50.

First of all we need also figure in the 6K bpd Senlac in this ratio, secondly I guess we're all convinced not 100% of STP s land is explorable or at least explorable with a profit. So how big the real potential upside might be for this plays remains to be seen but already after this winther core drillings progtram we might have a significantely better idea.

Already contingent resource and potential project areas has been identified at Long Lake as well as at Hangingstone as well as there also might be potential in the south west regions of McKay that are not includedn in the next 12.000 bpd production project.

So thats the potential relative the company specifics but then there is also the general PO issue and the potential for higher oil prices in the future that for sure will be important as well.

Let's therefore for now just settle with the fact that there is a significant futute potential upside also from the C$1.50 Canacord target.

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