måndag 16 november 2009

Colin Campbell's Response to the Guardian IEA Reporting

Olje nestorn Collin Campbell kommenterar The Guardians artikel om det faktum att IEA undanhållt och fortsätter att undanhålla viktig eller tom livsviktig information för allmänheten.

Three take aways:

- In effect, the Unidentified Unconventional was a coded message for shortage. I explained this to a journalist who contacted the element within the IEA which was pleased that this important hidden message should get out. But when it was published (Fleming D., 1999, The next oil shock? Prospect April), the IEA evidently got into serious trouble with its masters in the OECD governments, and in the next issue of the World Energy Outlook, the Unidentified Unconventional became Conventional Non-OPEC, without comment or explanation.
- Regular Conventional Oil peaked in 2005.
- It is more difficult to evaluate the Non-Conventional oils, comprising tarsands and heavy oils, deepwater oil, Polar oil and Natural Gas Liquids, but the above graph suggests that the peak of all categories was passed in 2008.

Colin Campbell's Response to the Guardian IEA Reporting

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