torsdag 28 maj 2009

FDIC Fund Running Dry

Det fuskas lite var stans inte bara vad gäller bankernas resultat rapportering. Här ett exempel rörande FDIC Fund.

The prospect of the FDIC paying back that loan anytime soon from increased assessments on the banks is extremely remote. This is simply a back-door bailout of the FDIC, structured as a line of credit so it does not increase the reported budget deficit.

Using the FDIC to backstop the PPIP program is simply a way to bypass Congress. There is no way that Congress could not have approved the line of credit and let the FDIC become insolvent. By all rights, the assessments on the banks should be raised to make up for the shortfall in the FDIC, but now is not exactly the time to do it, since it would simply deplete their capital at a time when they desperately need to improve their capital base.

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