måndag 18 maj 2009

“A Cataclysmic Nation Changing Event?”

Robert McHugh,Ph.D is a former major shareholder and No. 2 executive in command at Main Street Bancorp, a private regional Pennsylvania bank, that was sold to a larger bank in 2000.

Dr. McHugh warns host Jay Taylor that the U.S. is most likely facing “A cataclysmic nation changing event to correct the bull market that began in 1718.”

McHugh uses Elliott Wave analysis and history to predict short and long term market trends.

With a high level of confidence, his work predicts a 1930's like market decline of 90% or worse.

And he warns of a global economy so bad that it may well result in a reshaping of national boundaries. Dr. McHugh reluctantly comes to these conclusions by using Elliott Wave analysis and a host of other technical market tools, just as he used them to manage his banks portfolio.

You can’t afford to miss Dr. McHugh’s views regarding our economic future and most importantly, what you MUST do now to best protect yourself against the carnage that lies ahead.

“A Cataclysmic Nation Changing Event?”

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