onsdag 27 maj 2009

1/4 Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense May 20, 2009

Are you buying in to the greenshoots scam..?

1/4 Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense May 20, 2009
2/4 Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense May 20, 2009
3/4 Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense May 20, 2009
4/4 Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense May 20, 2009

Här nedan kan man läsa mer om "the next shoe to drop" - commercial real estate:

"In the 12 months ended March 31, U.S. malls collectively posted a 6.5% decline in tenants' same-store sales, according to Green Street Advisors Inc., a real-estate research firm. The recent slump was led by an average 7.3% sales drop at Simon Property Group Inc., the operator with the largest number of mall locations.

The industry's woes are worsening. Thinning customer traffic, and subsequent hits to tenants' sales and profits, prompted Standard & Poor's Corp. last month to lower the credit ratings of the department-store sector. That knocked Macy's Inc. and J.C. Penney Co. into junk territory and pushed others deeper into junk. Sears Holdings Corp., a cornerstone tenant at many malls, is expected to close 23 stores this month and next.General Growth Properties, which owns more than 200 U.S. malls, filed for bankruptcy protection April 16, due mainly to its failure to refinance billions of dollars of debt coming due. While the real-estate investment trust has said the filing will have no impact on its mall business, analysts say a prolonged bankruptcy proceeding could make retailers nervous about sticking around once their leases expire."
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