torsdag 21 maj 2009

Div Paul van Eeden

SqueezePlay : April 21

The Street : May 13

Back in 1933, at a time of economic crisis, President Roosevelt forced U.S. Citizens to sell their gold at $20 an ounce - and then subsequently revalued the metal to $35. Could President Obama, a Roosevelt disciple, have similar plans in mind.

och här en intressant kommentar:

As a second option, rather than seizing gold, the government may simply restrict, by law, its sale on the open market, making it illegal to transfer gold from one person to another. (Suggested possibility by Hal Turner on May 20, 2009 based on information from recent Bilderberg meeting)

Whatever the case may be, backing the US dollar with gold(or other 'new' currency like SDR, Amero?) seems to be necessary in order to alleviate some of America's debt. Doing something like this would instantly devalue the USD (as they did in the 30's by 40% virtually overnight).

Personligen tror även jag att något liknande är att vänta. Att fysiskt konfiskera guld är en omöjlighet men inte att begränsa eller tom förbjuda handeln med guld. I bröderna Hunt fallet var det som fick dessa på fall nya regler och restriktionerna relaterat till just handeln och marknadsregler av silver. Dessa regler infördes i princip över natt.

2009 Bilderberg Group 57th Annual Secret Meeting

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