måndag 19 oktober 2009

Max Keyser om bla Lettland, Island och Svenska banker

Dr Michael Hudson - "I adviced Lattvia that if you are going to devalue your currency you must first change the real estate bancruptcy law so that if the property price falls below the morgage you just mail in the keays, walk away and the bank is stuck with the bad morgage. The Latvian prime minister now adopted my advice. Swedish banks are saying "this is breaking the tradition". The Tradition Lattvia now is braking is the fedualistic European tradition. Sweden wants to return Lattvia to feodalism so that the lattvian population will have to work the rest of their life working of the bad loans the Swedish bank irresponsable made.."

så här blir det i en bonus driven finans ekonomi..


Baltikums tandlösa tanter


och nu är svenska banker i full färd att skapa samma röra i sina egna länder genom att bygga upp helt ohållbara bostadsbubblor ..

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