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Webster Tarpley World Crisis Radio 10 9 2009

This week Webster Tarpley discusses the Icelanders courageous fight back against the IMF and global financial oligarchs, the IMF bankrupting nations and crashing their economies, the rise of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), and more. Of course, weekly guest and alpha birther, Phil Berg, talks about his cases pending against Barry Soetero, aka Barack H. Obama

IMF har ju fullständigt tappat konceptet när man nu kräver Islands regering på $6 billion eller 50% ! av landets BNP.

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Part 8

Christopher Whalen: "The Real Economy Is Dying," Q4 Will Be A "Bloodbath"..
Christopher Whalen, the no-nonsense managing director of Institutional Risk Analytics, who recently referred to Citigroup "the queen of the zombie dance party" is not one to sugar-coat his forecasts. Whalen sat down with Yahoo Tech Ticker recently to talk about how the banking sector, which has shown some signs of recovery lately, is hoarding cash and why the market may be awaiting a "Bloodbath" in the fourth quarter.

Below "the board of directors" for Tim Geitner

Lloyd Craig Blankfein (born September 20, 1954) is the current Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Goldman Sachs. After the May 31, 2006, nomination of former CEO Hank Paulson as Secretary of the Treasury, Blankfein was announced as his replacement.

Jamie Dimon
Chairman and CEO, JP Morgan Chase

Citibank CEO Vikram Pandit

Legalized Gambling on Wall Street - with Dylan Ratigan
"The move from $80 trillion to $600 trillion"
Intressant intervju med Sen. Maria Cantwell
Trion som gav klartecken till denna casino ekonomi - Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Arthur Lewitt.

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