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Viktor Schauberger's Inventions

Viktor Schauberger var en fantastisk filosof/forskare/naturmänniska som upptäckte nya "naturlagar" och en teknologi som ännu inte blivit accepterad. Jag är helt övertygad om att vi (mänskligheten) måste byta inriktning, vår destruktiva explosions-teknologi, som håller på att ta kol på oss, måste bytas ut och ersättas av implosions-teknologi enligt Schaubergers teorier.

Denna teknologi bygger upp jordens resurser och skulle öka vårt välstånd högst väsentligt. Trots detta fortsätter vi att använda en teknologi som är destruktiv, gör att vi mår dåligt, får alergier, sjukdomar och försvagar oss på många mindre påtagliga sätt.

Vi har inget att förlora och allt att vinna på att gå över till V.S. teknologi (ibland kallad bionik), det handlar inte om att vi ska börja med häst och vagn igen, tvärtom handlar det om att gå över till en teknik som är ett gigantiskt steg frammåt till en teknik som både människor och natur mår bättre av.

If you think about it for a while, I am sure you can think of many ways that nature uses a spiral, or vortex pattern. We all are familiar with the conical windings of sea shells, the spiral patterns of stellar galaxies, and even to ourselves, with our RNA and DNA structures in our bodies.

Hurricanes, twisters, tornados, and cyclones, all of which are some of the most destructive storms and forces on our planet, all form the classic vortex spiral pattern. You must be familiar with the water flow out of bath tub, forming a vortex spiral down the drain...it spirals in different directions depending on which part of the planet you are on - counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere; clockwise in the southern hemisphere.

You may have even emptied liquid from a bottle by shaking it to form a vortex and noticed it emptied quicker than if you had not.. It takes only a small amount of energy to get the vortex going, but, with the aid of gravity, the mini cyclone continues until the bottle is emptied.

An American inventor built and patented a water ram pump from information involving the spiral flow which he claims to have gleamed from a visit to the Egyptian Pyramid. There may yet be a truth in the old laundry detergent advertisement of a white tornado in a bottle, admittedly, a big one. Mankind's only real attempt to utilize the spiral vortex is in weapons of destruction by using a rifled barrel in arms ordinance to give projectiles flight stability, distance, and accuracy.
Common sense, and Viktor Schauberger's own inventions, give us clues to how we may be able to tap this almost seemingly limitless energy potential.

We have already discovered, through Schauberger's own theories, and later confirmed by scientists such as Hebrand, and Hasselburg (see my
"water power" page) that there is more energy and power available in flowing water, accelerated through a spiral vortex than is available from the same volume of water restrained and then flowing over a dam, on a scale of 9:1, in favor of the former, vortexian power.

Clean, environmentally friendly, unlimited power is available all around us, yet, due to our conditioning from "big-business" and others, we refuse to accept and look closely at these alternatives. Schauberger did...and, following his lead, we will as well. Let's continue with our story.

During World War Two, Victor Schauberger was interned in a Nazi concentration camp and was forced to work on a flying disk project using his ideas. (If you missed
Page One and Page Two, go back now, and review for the actual stories!).

It is not known if the project was completed, or, if the saucers actually flew in Germany. Reports vary, and no confirmed documentation remains. It is rather convincingly coincidental, however, that our own (US) pilots reported "strange flying disks" over Germany just prior to the War's end.

After World War II, Viktor migrated to the United States on promises by various agencies (CIA) to help him develop and test his ideas. Those promises later proved to be hollow. He went to a facility in Dallas Texas, and under uncertain direction, signed over all of the rights to his inventions and patents, to, none other than the US government (Army, Navy...who knows?!).

He was sent back to his home-land of Austria, only to die, broken and disillusioned five days later. It would make a great headline for the 'National Enquirer'...and unfortunately...it's TRUE! Read an entire article - here -
Viktor Schauberger Page Five.


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