måndag 1 juni 2009

IEA output forecasts are 'outside reality': peak oil proponent

"In a direct shot at the most widely followed estimates of future oilflows, a leading peak oil proponent said the International Energy Agency'ssupply projections are significantly inaccurate.

In the keynote address to the Platts "New Challenges for Crude Oil"conference in Geneva, Swedish physics professor Kjell Aleklett said hisresearch team's analysis differs significantly from the IEA's.

The gap between his work and that of the IEA is huge. IEA projections ofliquids supply puts total output at 101.5 million b/d by 2030. Aleklett'sresearch sees it at a little more than 75 million b/d.

There are numerous areas where Aleklett said his research agrees with theIEA, including the projected rate of decline of existing fields. But beyondthat, what Aleklett says are the different approaches toward depletion ratescreates enormous differences in projections out to 2030."


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