söndag 8 juli 2012

An unholy civil war in the Vatican

With the 85-year-old Pope now frail, we are witnessing the mother of all succession battles, says The Guardian. Hence the poisonous relationship between Bertone and rival factions within the Church. “The winning side could have a huge say over who replaces the pontiff… The stakes are high and time is short.”

It is clear that JPMorgan is complicit in money-laundering in Europe with the Vatican, having abetted Vatican bank money-laundering and fraud by allowing IRS-defined suspicious transactions pass through their institution. The bank, knowing fullwell what it was dealing with, shucked its financial responsibility and put the Vatican’s critical transfers through, never questioning or putting the transactions through the basic financial scrutiny. The US Press has been silent, and the banks $9 billion loss has taken over the headlines – a rehash of an old story. In the meantime, JPMorgan has partaken in the illegal and unconscionable with some of civilization’s deepest-entrenched institutions, in this case the twenty century-old religious center of Catholicism.

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