söndag 8 juli 2012

Swedish housing bubble created by interest rates too high last 15 years.

The Social Democratic party, now in opposition, has assigned a new responsable spoksperson for financial matters i.o that possibly our next finance minister. Its a she and her name is Magdalena Andersson. She now heads on attacks our Swedish Riskbank (that's our central bank) arguing they have missepriced interest rates last 15 years. So far so good. But the issue here is she is arguing the bank has keep interest rates to high.

Given the fact we in Sweden now has whats evident to most living in the real world - a housing bubble one can but wonder where these so called political experts come from.

At the same time she has earlier stated we may have a housing bubble and therefore its good she argues banks have started to use a so called lending roof. Now pls explain how one can create a situation where you have a clear housing bubble when at the same time arguing interest rates have been too high last couple of 15 years...???

It's hard to comprehend how anyone can be so out of touch and so totally not on the ball as now its evident the Swedish Social Democrats apparently are.

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