tisdag 24 juli 2012

A cardiologist turned author advises you to stay clear of wheat

We've heard it for years - choose whole wheat. It's healthier, right?

Maybe not according to more and more medical experts who are now saying something else about whole wheat - it makes you fat!

Heart doctor and author William Davis says the whole wheat you're buying in store isn't what you think.

"What you're being sold, I think, is not wheat," he says "It is a short 2 foot dwarf strain (of wheat) that's the concoction of genetics research."

In his new book titled "Wheat Belly," Dr. Davis explains why eating wheat makes you eat more calories.

"It stimulates your appetite and causes inflammatory changes and a multitude of other health effects that no one tells you about."

One of those health effects is diabetes.

William Davis - The Dangers of Wheat

The Vegetarian Myth

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