fredag 18 februari 2011

Jesus Christ used physical force to throw the money changers

Jesus Christ in the last year of his life uses physical force to throw the money changers out of the temple. This was the only time during the life of his ministry in which he used physical force against anyone.

When Jews came to Jerusalem to pay their Temple tax, they could only pay it with a special coin, the half-shekel. This was a half-ounce of pure silver, about the size of a quarter. It was the only coin at that time which was pure silver and of assured weight, without the image of a pagan Emperor, and therefore to the Jews it was the only coin acceptable to God.

Unfortunately these coins were not plentiful, the money changers had cornered the market on them, and so they raised the price of them to whatever the market could bear. They used their monopoly they had on these coins to make exorbitant profits, forcing the Jews to pay whatever these money changers demanded.

Jesus threw the money changers out as their monopoly on these coins totally violated the sanctity of God's house. These money changers called for his death days later.

Here the history of the money changers

Conclution - if you don't kill the Banksters they WILL kill you. Right now and as war is the ONLY way debt the size of what we see today kan be cleared, that now where the Banksters are taking us. That is of course if we don't reform our monetary system before that is allowed to happen.

Nationalize the Fed. - End Banks Power to Create Money

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