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The euro convergence criteria (also known as the Maastricht criteria)

Remember if Greece from now on should not be able to pay then the IMF unconditionally according to the agreement signed by the Greek parliament are allowed to confiscate ALL of Greece assets. Greece today have no national sovereignty of either of its assets nor its human beings, its population.

In addition they are NOT allowed to according the same agreement to take any other loans anywhere else but via IMF.

Hotspots: Greece (1/2)
Listen at 03:07

Hotspots: Greece (2/2)
Listen e.g at 04:30, and at 06:17

Then you need to understand there is a way:

Listen here to what proffessor Hudson says at 06:30 about real choises and also at 09:30 about the Maastricht criteria and the ability of Central Banks to act as Central banks

The euro convergence criteria (also known as the Maastricht criteria)

One can but wander what former Swedish Social Democratic Finance minister and member of the board of the Swedish central bank Erik Åsbrink now is instigating against Sweden and its wellfare state (what is left of it) as he now has joined the ranks of Goldman Sachs given what now has surfaced they (Goldman) so thoroughely managed to pull through against Greece..? What kind of advice is he now as an advisor and given his indeed very deep insight of the Swedish economy providing Goldman with?

Erik Åsbrink joins Goldman Sachs as International Advisor,c9147030

The Goldman Sachs Network Now Controlling Europe

By the way Erik Åsbrink is married to a former Communist and now active representative of the Social Democratic party, Ylva Johansson. She is stated to belog to the left wing falang of the social democrats. And as it happens she was one of the most active and certainly one of loudest critics of the just resigned head of the Social Democratic party Mr Juholt.

Here something that might give you a clue via a Swedish documentary all about how the deregulation of the Swedish financial markets came about:

One can but wander how these people manage to sleep at night..?

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