onsdag 15 februari 2012

“The Committee to Save the World”.

These three men were given a nickname by TIME magazine when they were featured on the Cover of the February 15th, 1999 edition; they were called “The Committee to Save the World”.

Today February 15th 2012 - on the day 13 years later we now face the result of what these three men did.

All of this is relevant for the following reason; these men, who helped destroy the United States economy, are primarily the people Obama selected not only for key posts in his Treasury Department, but also as his economic advisers. In fact, Larry Summers is Obama’s chief economic adviser! Alan Greenspan was a part of Obama’s “transition team” and Robert Rubin remains an economic advisor to Barack Obama. In addition to the “Committee to Save the World” Barack Obama’s cabinet appointments read like a “who’s who” of Wall Street Elite.

Timothy Geithner, the former Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, is now the Treasury Secretary, and despite Obama’s campaign promise not to hire lobbyists, Timothy Geithner`s Chief of Staff is Mark Patterson, a former lobbyist for Goldman Sachs. And who took Tim’s old job at the New York Fed? Well that would be William. C. Dudley, a former economist from Goldman Sachs.

The fact that the very same criminals who destroyed the economy, financed the campaign of a supposedly liberal democratic President to “fix” the policies of “deregulation” and “change the culture on Wall Street” is in and of itself a form of corruption and fraud. Noam Chomsky, in an interview with Paul Jay of the Real News Network, recently said most polls show “that a majority of Americans believe their government is run by a few special interests groups and does not represent them.” That’s what is so bizarre. The fraud and corruption has become so common-place, no one even expects otherwise at this point.

So, The Committee to Save the World has been plucked out of retirement, and it does not take a genius to see how the world is doing.Riots in London and Greece. Labour protests in Madison, Wisconsin. Revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia. Uprisings in Syria. Tent Cities in Tel Aviv protesting housing prices. Collapses of the banking system in Iceland and Ireland. The United States’ credit downgrade.

Question is - do you feel saved...?


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