måndag 15 augusti 2011

Why Confiscate Gold?

There is this notion out there that gold never will be confiscated as there really is so little of it out there in private hands.

First point is its not ever again going to be physically confiscated or at least very unlikely. Instead there are a number of options available in order to de monetize these precious metals. Such as e.g. trading limits, taxation (how about a 90% tax introduced on all precious metals profits) and new regulation hindering the use of gold as traded commodity.

Its sure has been done before e.g. as was the case when new regulation was introduced over night in regards of trading limits relevant to silver and as a result the Hunt brothers was forced in to liquidation.

So why then bother about these metals and what’s the fuss? Sure it’s not about having access to the physical as it I fact is quite small amounts hold by private investors. Key here instead is that as any new fiat currency system that either will be introduced, or already existing, from a credibility perspective is severely damaged if investors have precious metals to lean on or flee to at times of financial unrest.

Inflation statistics can be tempered with as is done by authorities but as long as there are precious metals any coordinated initiative aiming at devalute a fiat moneteary system will simply be to obvious in order to become really successfull.

That’s the bottom line. Precious metals are the worst enemies of any central bank solution. Valued at $2000 per ounce Gold is screaming full voice - our fiat currency system is a scam, it's really is a scam!!

Central bankers hate gold as it is the epiphany of fiat currency manipulation. Now once and for all they will try to get rid of it in order for them to really have the benefit 100% of creative bookeeping and obscure statistics.

So when is its gonna happen this time? Clearly something is in the works related to the Special Drawing Rights and implementing a new world reserve currency. Thats going then to be the ultimate global fiat currency system. Are precious metals going to be allowed to in any way hinder, make dubiouse any sutch effort? I dont think so.

It was important to bankrupt the Hunt brothers. People who speculate in gold or silver are betting against fiat money. Bankrupting the Hunt brothers made the dollar look strong in comparison. When the price of silver crashed, it created the false impression that the dollar had appreciated in value.


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