onsdag 10 augusti 2011

Clear out and reboot

Hi Bernanke,

how's it going? Not to well for all to see. One thing I can't figure out is how low interest rates will clear all bad debt primarely in the derivatives market. I do agree were in a recession (in fact within a depression) but the result of more dire economic outlooks is we sure can expect a whole lot of leveraged positions to really start blow to bits these coming weeks. Is that why we hear QE3 is about to happen within three weeks in order to try to save these banks?

Are the banks solvent?

The banks' big lie

So far not wery many are happy with how this has turned out since 2007 and people seems to take to the streets almost everywhere. Do you se how this is linked with the policys you have implemented last couple of years? I know people are voicing out their frusration by violence as the economic deterioration accellerates. I guess whats really at stake here is the belife were living in a democracy.

Do we still live in a democracy

This black hole unregulated derivatives mess how do you intend to now go about and fix it? Its all about three men that destroyed the world - as we know it. How about your lecagy? Do you really wanna be part of that team in our histrory books? Theres still time to repent and do whats actually good.

The warning

Now its time to call a spade a spade and start by implementing proper accounting meassures again so that all is booked according real market value and not set at fictisiouse levels. Bottom line insolvensy can not be solved by more liquidity and even though you acedemic credetials sure are impressive, really what you have dealt with in your analysis is the issue related to lack of liquidity in the system in order to fight deflation as was the case during the great depression.

As we all know writing of bad debt is deflationatry but it has to happen as othervice that bad debt will remain for ever and hinder any possibility of economic growth. There are so much bad debt in our system it has to be clreared out. Throwing good money at bad never was a good ide.

Insanety is continue doing something that has shown not to work. I dont think many of us beleive Q1 and Q2 has made us better of now? Then for the sake of all people of the worlds well being pls close the FED and suggest the treasuries issue interest free loans to be used in the real economy, building real infrastructure and puting people to work and pay tax. Thats the stimuly that would counter the deflation cased by writing of debt.


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