torsdag 25 augusti 2011

Gold makes investors rich..?

As gold is hovering around its ATH we have so far -8.22% in Swedish nominated krona for investors that placed their bet on BlackRock World Gold Fund as of first of January this year.. so far..

As always best way to get rich is to own a bank. Second best is to manage other peoples money and then charge them for transactions, advice and administration. Doesen't matter if your bets and advice go up or down - you still can make a decent buck as customers get charged any way it goes..

Again the managers managing the Black Rock Gold Fund gets their compensdation even at a 8% minus and gold at an ATH. Greed and incompetence thats then what constitutes your efficient finance sector performance - right there between your eyes..

By the way. Banks and finance institutions are the next busiess to get real challenged by technology. I mean the outrageous fees banks now charge their customers simply in order to electronically store digital numbers on a hard disk and allow for these digital numbers to be transfered electronically is nothing but absurd.

In fact all you need as a bank acount is a USB stick or some similar electronicly cryptated wallet. Makes even more sence these days when your not allowed to even store real cash in your bank deposit and when every outtake from an ATM is charged by hefty fees.

Got a good elecronical payment and savings solution to promote- anyone? What wee need is a free solution like the Wikipedia or Linux approach... and of course this will be a stricly distrubuted non centralised and like the internet based solution..impossible for anyone to controll or take down..

In fact this IS what finaly will get them banks on their knees - once and for all..

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