måndag 10 maj 2010

Esoteric Wisdom

Teachings that pass on thru generations of seekers thru the morphogenic field and is not stoppable by any earthly government, new world order illuminati, or whatever devilish ghouls who want to destroy the precious gift given to all who SINCERELY seek it. It is not in any one place. It is personal and private between the individual soul and the creative source of life energy of the universe, whatever you may call it. That which is in us that makes us alive and conscious and what makes all life alive, is flowing in connection with all things. One must stop to listen intently and many secrets are revealed. It does not cost any money and needs no physical remuneration, however it does need some of the unseen aspects of life such as trust and desire to grow and love. These things are freely available to anyone who wants to give them or receive them. It is all a matter of heart intent and discovery leading to exciting growth. Naturally these things are occurring in most life today, this scares the previously ensconced powers that be and they rail in contempt of the loss of their control.. They smash things like an angry child, but it doesnt REALLY matter. What they smash is again only transient matter.. Be of good cheer !

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