fredag 26 oktober 2012

Where is and who really holds all the world gold reserves?

1. Given Germany may have no gold, the Uk apparently has no gold and that US gold holdings in Fort Knox never has been audited (they have no gold) one has to wander - where is and who holds all the worlds reserves of gold?

2. Given goverments now are printing money in order to purchase their own debt (govenrment bonds) and as it because of this in fact is no real bond market as such, well then that whole goverment bond market hinges on one thing and one thing only - the ability to persue perpetual money printing in the form of QE. Anf when thay day appears when the ability to continue printing money isen't there, well then and there is the exit of the bond market (the mother of all bubbles) as we know it.

About German Gold at 13:20!

about Browns bottom when the UK sold 50% of their gold holdings

Ron Paul request auditing of Fort Knox

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