torsdag 13 september 2012

The Second Coming of the Antichrist

Five thousand years ago the world fell victim to the rise of history's first great superpower: a massive empire based on the expansion of trade backed by overwhelming military might, under the leadership of a legendary figure who was feared and worshiped as a god. Indeed, this ancient king's legacy left a lasting imprint upon history, mythology, and religion, eclipsed only by the appearance of Jesus Christ three thousand years later. The Antichrist is dead, but his story is not over. Through an extensive analysis of archaeological evidence, ancient mythological accounts, and biblical and occult predictions, The Second Coming of the Antichrist reveals that story.

This book gives an in depth study of the earliest beginnings of man, and ancient Sumerian culture, language, and beliefs. The scholarship is excellent with many footnotes and source listings for further study. This book is not a "Left Behind" type book of speculation written for entertainment and to generate popular sales. However it is for the person who takes the study of the Word of God seriously and realizes that modern concepts of the Anti-Christ leave much to be desired. The world will be astounded when they realize that they are witnessing the bodily resurrection of an ancient entity that caused the downfall of Adam and Eve at the very beginning of creation. The Anti-Christ is dead (for now), but he's not going to stay dead much longer.

George W. Bush New Order of the Ages

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