torsdag 13 september 2012

Osiris: Dying and Rising God of Egypt... and Freemasonry

There is much more to the mystery of the "Dying Gods" than either the critics or the mainstream defenders of Christianity are willing to admit. Jesus was truly a historical figure. Even the vast majority of atheist scholars agree that He must have existed, and the deniers of the "Historical Jesus" remain on the fringe of the academic world. However, there is also a pagan "Savior figure" who appears on the historical record, who lived over three thousand years before Jesus. He ruled as a great conqueror in the ancient Near East and his legacy was remembered by every culture from that region, in some form or other. Over the millennia he truly did become the "hero with a thousand faces." But Jesus of Nazareth is not a part of this pagan "dying and rising god" mythology; He is the answer to it.

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