lördag 5 november 2011

Drums of War

We are hearing drums of war against Iran once again coming from the US, the UK and Israel.
This could be the start of something much more serious that goes beyond Iran.

Paul Craig Roberts : Obama is more of a war monger than Bush and Cheney the united states is the new war creators they will be the reason the world becomes a warzone. and when it does no one will escape except for the white house staff and the corporate elite. its a damn shame that every president of the united states has a desire for more power. but hey we know what they want because every man with power wants nothing but more power. and thats what they plan to do over the years. Massive depopulation of the most populated places.Obama executes the plan according to the needs of his masters. Who these are? Those that control money, media, military industry.Obama is not in charge. Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Bush senior is. That's why no matter who gets in the same criminal plot occurs.

This article in London’s Daily Mail gives us an inkling of what might be cooking…

And then as as side note - there is no better way to clear off bad debt and to get the economy going than to start a war. Needless to say and as it happens - all involved pushing for war are heavely in debt and have economies with, well to say it the least, not to bright of an outlook. Restart anyone..?


Germany who is not supposed to send its troops anywhere in the world according to their post 1945 constitution is now having 5000 troops in Afghanistan and nobody ever noted anything says Gerald Celente this is the beginning of the Great war , the war that is going on now in Pakistan is the one we are concerned about the most says Gerald Celente , that anti Americanism that i spreading over there , Obama has sent triple of the amount of predator missiles into Pakistan than Bush has , so we are very concerned about that area and of course the elephant in the room is Iran...


Gerald Celente: Bankers Addicted To Money Like Addicts hooked Heroin

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