torsdag 29 september 2011

SDRs Here we come

Jim Rickards from a recent Eric King Interview:

"With the G20 coming up, Eric, I think they are going to dust off the SDR solution. The next time there is a major global financial crisis the Fed is not going to be able to bail out the world because they are out of bullets, but the IMF and the G20 will be able to print these SDR’s.

At that point the game really is over. It will be very transparent that we’re just replacing one kind of paper money with another kind of paper money and that is going to accelerate the rush to gold.

As soon as people do the math, this is where you start to see these $5,000, $6,000, $7,000 an ounce price targets for gold. That’s coming sooner than people expect. Some time in the next couple of years we will see that radical transformation of the international monetary system into gold."

And as evident for all to see the preciouse markets are beeing maipulated as we speak, or how about the ever increasing new margins requirements escalating now in an almost hysterical fashion..?

That then as close you get to a real confiscation as its all about demonetising presious metals for the ordenary people. I mean if you can't trade it what's then the value..?

$7,000 an ounce of gold of course means inflation nothing else. Oil in the ground is where it's at as all economic activity 100% as well as our monetary system itself depends on oil.

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