söndag 2 december 2012

Monetary Refom - Fractional Reserve Lending

Much is discussed right now about how to reform the monetary system given the evident flaws we now see appearing in front of our eyes.

Many, many times in history has the economy gotten in to very deep problems after it has gone back to a e.g. a gold standard. In fact it is not the fact money today is a fiat rather than something of worth that constitutes the problem. The real big problem we need to get away from is the privatization and centralization of money via the private banking interests and first and foremost get rid of the completely and utterly insane fractional banking system. This as it allows for private banking interests to create booms and busts (the so called business cycle) in the economy by the creation of credit that in fact is money out of this air and that then banks have the nerve also charge interest on that fraudulent behavior.

Bottom line:

in a world where money is defined as welth e.g. gold and or silver - the wealthy has the power

In a world where money is defined as credit, that is it is loaned in to existens via the fractional banking system as it is today - the private bankers rule the world.

The people rule in a world where the creation of money is made debt free via the goverment in a decentralized faschion far out of reach of centralised private hands. 


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