tisdag 12 juni 2012

No **** -- More Debt Doesn't Work?

There is no solution -- here or anywhere else -- to excessive and bad debt found by taking on more debt. That is exactly identical to opening a new credit card when your current one hits its limit and comes back declined!
I'm simply not going to put up with people claiming that we must "borrow more" or "spend more" as a means of solving this. I don't give a damn which political party or what persuasion you come from in this regard -- all will get one-line middle-finger image in response, and if you run that crap on my forum you'll do it exactly once, so make your departure memorable.
I'm tired of Lyin' Ryan, Mittens who both bans guns and has claimed he won't cut the budget his first year, Obama who can't get his lips off Blankfein's and Dimon's schnozz and folks like Pelosi, Stiglitz and Krugman, all of whom claim that the way to evade a "debt deflation" is to print and spend more money, or Bernanke who claims that "in the intermediate term" we must fix our deficits but "for now we can't tamper with the recovery." And I'm tired of people like Gary Johnson who claims he's submit a 43% cut federal budget but doesn't appear to understand what this means in economic terms nor does he address it, nor will he address the places he can mitigate the instantaneous damage that would appear through things like putting a stop to the immoral and outrageous monopolist practices in the medical industry -- practices that can only happen with the explicit enforcement capacity of government force.

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